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Disposable Slippers

I would like to offer hotel slippers, does anyone else do this, would I wash them for reuse ? If so whats the best type or material to purchase? Love some opinions. Thanks.

One of my rooms is non en suite, the bathroom is for the guests use only but they have to leave the room to go to it. The door is literally right next to the door to the room, and when I first started I did supply both slippers and dressing gowns. I stopped with the slippers because they were disposable ones, as I couldn’t imagine guests using any other kind. They were just too expensive for me. I don’t think washable slippers would be worth the effort and for them to stand up to multiple washings, I don’t know of any that will!

This would be a difficult balance. You can buy disposable slippers for as low as a dollar. I don’t believe those would stand up to washing, but you probably wouldn’t need to.

We walk barefoot ourselves in our home, but we provide both normal slippers and disposable slippers for our guests.
I see that people don’t like normal slippers - they don’t look fancy and may be raise some hygiene questions.
But I see some guests really enjoy disposable slippers as an alternative to not walking barefoot.

We get slippers from Ikea - $1.99 a pair. Black or red, not white, lol!! They last for awhile and then I throw them away. Some guests use them, some don’t. The floor in the hallway in their space is tile, so cold.

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