Display when guests enter the house?

I have a wifi photo frame (one of those large displays that show photos - usually sitting on the mantle of a grandma, that changes whenever the kids upload a new photo) and I would like to use it as the ‘welcome’ sign at my home. I am hoping when guests enter, they see on this device a ‘welcome’ that is personalized and has some info (where their room is for instance in the house), and that I can put their name(s) on this with my iPad remotely. Currently I have a whiteboard.

Since all you do is email the frame your latest photo, it is a no brainer to have a photo in your iPhone and simply upload it to the frame, but I need a program that can put 3 lines of names on it - preferably a form that allow me to enter the names n my iPhone and then hit send.

I know I am asking a lot but at the same time I thought this forum could use the results for themselves - such as a display in a room with personalized info, or an entryway display like I use, when I have three rooms in my home and need to direct 3 guests to different rooms in the house.

Does anyone know of an app that will be a ‘form’ that will have three entry lines?

Thanks all, sorry to be so tech!


Try Pixlr. There are several versions in the app store and I think all are free. Sounds like a great idea!

They are great photo apps for sure. What I need is the ‘next step’… a way to add text in 3 places on a picture… and hopefully add it as a ‘form’ so that I am not standing on a corner dragging and resizing text lol. Thoughts?

Three lines or three text boxes?

tex boxes - and if i had my dream, it would be an app that had a form entry, so that the names of the guests (3 lines 3 rooms) would be entered by tabbing thru them

You’re so modern! I used to rent three separate rooms in an apartment, and I had a small whiteboard from Target on each bedroom door. I’d personalize the welcome message on each “Welcome Tobias”, etc, and I’d tell the guest to look for their name on the door. Obviously not what you’re after, but it was done in a sec.

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That’s sort of what I do now, but when I’m away I don’t necessarily have time to run over and put the names on all the time. Plus I’m not at that house anymore. And, they only have access to those rooms, so directions are important LOL Wondering around not a good thing in this situation

I supposed it depends how savvy you are with computers. You can just drop three text boxes over the background in Photoshop or GIMP. Alternatively, if you want something simpler, you could download one of the image caption / meme generating apps.

I just did this on the iPad and it took about three minutes using Pixlr. (The phone is too tiny for my old eyes!) Is this what you mean by three text areas?

Maybe a ms word-ish app that i can open and change and save as?

I would prefer an app…

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Yes it is great! I wonder if pre saved text sizes and styles is possible in pixlr?


Yes, u r right pixlr is GREAT. Will post results soon, using a digital frame.

Finally FREE of the whiteboard lol!


on the mobile version, is it possible to have a different default text type and color?

love the ‘fully licensed and insured’ tag! On my listing I say ‘we pay all taxes and are fully insured and licensed - this protects the airbnb community!’ and I have a photo of my documents. ; )

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So long as the fully insured tagline doesn’t one day invite some injury-prone person to “slip.”


I love this idea! Thanks for posting!