Dishwasher dramas!

I currently have people in my flat for about 2 months and I received a message today saying the dishwasher had stopped working. It’s not a plumbing issue as the sink still drains perfectly fine. So i assume it is a fault with the machine. But, the machine has always worked fine! I lived there for 6 months and never had a problem with it so are they liable for this? HELP!

Only a plumber or technician will be able to tell you what the fault is and how it was caused so I’d recommend that you get it seen to right away. Because the dishwasher was (presumably) a listed amenity, the guests can complain if it isn’t operational.

But I’d leave the blame aspect alone until a specialist has advised you about the cause of the problem.

Personally, I think that dishwashers are pretty indestructible and that it’s unlikely that the guests have caused the problem but guests will be guests! :slight_smile:

We have Bosch dishwashers in all out houses, and 3 our of 5 guests say they don’t work when in actually the guests doesn’t know how to work them.


@azreala has a good point – not everyone knows how to operate all the varieties of dishwashers. Do you provide explicit instructions on how to operate the dishwasher?

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I bought a Bosch this year, and the controls are a mystery if you don’t read the manual. And the damn things beeps endlessly asking for love and validation that it has completed its only job– cleaning the dishes. It is like living with a nagging mother-in-law.


I can’t stop laughing at this. It’s like my bloody washing machine… beep beep beep hey look I did your washing! How great am I? beep beep beep Yeah, it’s all done now and you need to stop what you’re doing and come get it! beep beep SHUT THE F UP!!


My washing machine does one better. It plays Schubert’s Trout leider. As a former professional musician, I am forced to sing the lyrics: I wish I was a fishy, swimming in the brook. And if I were a fishy… and then it stops! Finish the bloody phrase, please!!!

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and so you can enjoy as well

There is an add, but you can skip it fairly quickly.

Ours plays this too, but I had no idea it was an actual song :joy: I find myself humming it in the shower sometimes as it’s so ingrained in my head now!

Let’s hope its the guest wanting to attribute blame to the system rather than an inability to work it properly. That’s the much easier fix, but definitely don’t blame them yet, either. I’m not even sure how a guest could break a dishwasher.

When a tenant complains about a malfunctioning stove, dishwasher, refrigerator or any other appliance, I see it as my problem (i.e. Landlord’s), not theirs. Even with plumbing, I suck it up knowing I’ll have to bear the cost because it’s unlikely the tenant clogged it with the usual suspects of toys or tampons (seeing how he’s a single guy… and even with a family or female tenant I’d sooner give them the benefit of the doubt until the plumber tells me otherwise). I’m even likelier to take the blame as landlord for AirBnB guests given their more transient nature.

Cost of doing business.


If you like the tune, consider listening to the Piano Quintet based on this marvelous leider. I first played this quintet when I was 15 and it was one of the most marvelous experiences.

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My microwave is like that, beeping until I go and open door. Maybe that’s how the surveillance works. Did the White House indicate dishwashers are spying on us also?


Considering Vault 7 revealed the CIA uses Samsung TVs for spying and Alexa shuts down when asked if she transmits info to the CIA, then I think we’d be naive at this point to think smart microwaves don’t do the same.

We had a guest that complained that there was no hot water in the shower. They were in Australia and we were in Canada. My husband asked if they got water at the kitchen sink - yes; did they get hot water at the kitchen sink - yes; did they put the hot tap on before the cold tap - no.

Because we have an instantaneous hot water system, the water pressure from the hot water pipe needs to be at a certain pressure. I am not sure how he knew this, but I would be lost without my husband.

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The dishwasher may need a good cleaning. Ours stops working if the drainage gets clogged from plates not being rinsed. Tenants never seem to clean a dishwasher, which is why none of our rentals have one…

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