Disgusted at way Airbnb treat honest (former) hosts

Having been a very casual host with Airbnb, I was faced with a family emergency. In my mid 60’s, I had to leave my job (evidence available), put my belongings in storage (again evidence available), and rented out my house (evidence available). I had to move interstate. All this with in a week. ALL this related to me. I had 2 bookings pending, contacted guests and explained, and apologised, and they were understanding.
However, Airbnb are demanding that I provide medical proof re my daughter’s condition. Her partner refuses to provide this, which I fully understand. After all, she is not a minor, but a grown woman, Now Airbnb state I will be financially penalised. I have enough to worry about without this disgraceful treatment. This was something I did not plan, that was out of my hands, and involves a third party.
Having read the terms for cancelling, it states -
Valid extenuating circumstances include:
•Unexpected death or serious illness of a host, guest or immediate family member
•and we may require valid supporting documentation.

  1. Daughter is immediate family member and is critically ill in hospital long term
  2. Says MAY require supporting documents. Does not state MUST provide documentation.

Very disappointing at the way Airbnb have treated me over this. They cannot demand documentation from a 3rd party that has nothing to do with Airbnb, so now they want to penalise me.

So to all other Airbnb hosts, just hope and pray that nothing unexpected happens to you. I have been hugely financially hit for 6 with all this, but now Airbnb want to penalise me again.
NOT pleased. VERY annoyed.

First of all, sorry for what happened to your daughter.
I do not understand why her partner doesn’t want to disclose any documentation relating to her health. Since you call him/her ‘partner’ and not husband/wife, you should have more power than him/her on this issue as you are family.

If this is really that serious I’d screw AirBnB anyway. First things first.


why would disclosing a medical condition to airbnb be a problem for the ‘partner’? Anyway, your daughter can provide the info, why can’t she do that for you?


It will be so easy if it was no need to give any paper to cancel guests.

I agree with everybody else, if you want a benefit then just provide the documentation.

Says more about the ‘partner’ than anything else.

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I am so sorry to hear about the deterioration in your daughters situation. What an awful time for your family.

However hopefully you will understand Airbnb get thousands of hosts trying it on to not be penalised financially if they want to cancel.

What earthly reason would your daughter’s partner have to refuse to provide confirmation or a doctor’s note. What a very strange, unhelpful person, particularly when he knows this will affect you financially.

Of course they have the right to ask for documentation to back up your claim. Just as any insurance provider would.

They aren’t penalising you they just want confirmation of your daughter’s condition.

I am so sorry for what you are going through! :frowning:

Seems we all see things differently. I FULLY understand why my daughter’s
partner does not provide a document. I have followed the AirBnb rules -
he/she is an innocent third party and if they choose not to provide the
info, that is completely understandable. As I said if it had been me I
would have gladly provided the info. But you cannot force a third person to
provide info when it is not warranted, as per Airbnb rulings.
I have therefore instructed my bank that any attempt by Airbnb to take
money from my account will be unauthorised. Will be completely cancelling
my listing now - had it on hold in case I moved back in the next few years,
but wouldn’t want to now.



I am so sorry that Airbnb is treating you this way. I am not going to pass judgment on the reason the “partner” does not want to partake. Like you said…you cannot force a 3rd party to provide the documentation.

Considering all of your other “evidence” I think that Air should side with you. And especially since you took care of the guests who you could no longer accommodate. Shame on Airbnb!

Ironically, I had a discussion with them long ago about “extenuating circumstances.” You know…the guests who abuse the policy and are willing to upload any kind of fake online obituary. Air said they would accept that and would not investigate.

You could always ‘make up’ a doctors note. Just saying, guests do it all the time for fake illness.

Completely agree with this. It’s a terrible attitude on their part. It’s not like you just cancelled and left guests high and dry (which you could have, considering your circumstances), you made the effort to sort things out. I would go straight to the top: email Brian.Chesky@airbnb.com. Apparently he’s now Mr Listen-to-Hosts.
I wish you all the best with your daughter.