Discrimination and racism email?

Sorry if this has been posted already. Spend the worst day of my life yesterday finding out that one of my dogs, and my best friend, Legend was very sick with cancer and last night we had to put him to sleep. We are devastated. This was the dog we named our farm, Legend’s Creek Farm after so he had a special place in our hearts.

Last night at the vet I received a booking request from our first African American guest who was a total sweetheart in her email but we had to decline obviously because we were both bawling our eyes out and need the weekend to spend some time alone.

Our profile specifically says that racism and bigotry will not be tolerated on our property. It is the opposite of who we are and we don’t want racist guests. Anyway, we declined her request and explained why, and it was her first booking on Air and had no reviews at all but all our guests with no reviews have been lovely so if it were different circumstances we would have accepted. Then I woke up this morning to the email from Air saying “Discrimination and Belonging: What it Means for You” and I freaked out that maybe the booking request was a test of some sort, or if this is all just coincidental.

What do you all think? Was this a test or a coincidence? Of course we are signing the commitment on November 1st. I think Air will be a much better place without racist people using it. I can’t tolerate racism and I think all companies should address racism this way.

It was a coincidence. I received the email yesterday. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. Please don’t worry about the email.


So, so, so sorry for your loss. Words can’t adequately express my condolences.

(yes, we all got the email - weird coincidence).

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I am really sorry for your loss.

I got the same email about an hour ago.

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I am so sorry, guys. :heart::heart:

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Legends, I am so sorry to hear about Legend. Very difficult time indeed. I haven’t received this email yet, but I do believe that the timing of your receipt was random and not tied to your inability to host someone during this difficult time.

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Sorry for your loss, our fur babies are like family and they each are in divulge souls. I would not worry about the email since November 1st is right around the corner and the email is just a reminder of the sign up date.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved companion. Losing a pet is devastating and I wish you healing going forward. We lost our special pet a few months ago to cancer also and all I can say is F*** cancer. I hope you can have comfort knowing that you gave him the best life he could have had.

Don’t spend time worrying about the decline. I had to decline a bunch of people in a row, for a variety of reasons over the summer (mostly people who didn’t bother to read my listing, grrrr), and I called Airbnb support for some technical help the last time. I asked the rep if the declines were going to hurt my ranking or send up a red flag. He told me that unless I am declining multiple people every day that Airbnb is not too worried about it. He even looked at some of the threads and said that declining because of location issues or because the guest didn’t read something important in the listing are all totally legit and not to worry about it. As long as you used the Airbnb system to write a note explaining why, then I can’t see any reason that it would be a problem.

Sorry to hear about you having to put down your four-legged family. As an animal lover myself, I know how painful this is. I’ve had to make the same decision on my own pets. Best thing to do is to go to the animal shelter and give a new animal a forever home.

As far as the email… a few days ago I had a young black male request a booking. He didn’t have any past reviews but I approved him anyway. Stange thing is he then never finished booking so now I’m wondering if he was some kind of test that Air sent me.

I got that email the other day, right after I declined under-25 year old guests and I did kind of wonder if my decline triggered it. Clearly not.


Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of Legend. I always say that as there is only one perfect species it’s unfair that they can’t live forever. I know the incredible grief the loss of our precious canine companions leaves us with. My wish for you is that over time your happy memories temper you and your husband’s grief.

The discrimination email was a coincidence. We also got one.

Take care,


Thank you ALL for such kind words. I thought I would be inconsolable but the kindness I have been receiving today has made my day easier. I really appreciate it.


I received a similar email yesterday which was really referring to a heads up on a new policy which will go into effect on Nov 1. I can understand why this company does not want hosts rejecting booking requests. However the people who are writing these rules do not have to live with guests who may be a good guest in an hotel but a poor fit for an airbnb. I have just rejected a booking for 15 days as although the guest had a good picture and sounded ok, he did not really say what he intended to be doing during his stay. We have found that the best guests have had a purpose for their visit besides the weather. Normally I would have sent him a note to help feel out his main purpose, but realize that some communications can last for a few days or a week especially if they do not respond promptly, and that would put us past Nov 1 where we could be in violation should we decline.
If we continue to use airbnb after Nov 1, I will only accept guests who are able to provide good reviews. Unfortunately most of our guests have been first timers so that restriction will lose us a lot of customers, but I would rather that than be stuck with an unsuitable guest. We have gone on gut feeling and common sense in accepting guests. That approach worked as we had great guests
but change is inevitable I guess. We will certainly be on the lookout for an alternative to Airbnb,

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I’m so sorry for your loss. Dogs and cats are family members.

To Legends Creek.

I would like to add condolences, and am sorry for your great loss. Unfortunately, like many others, we have been there. Had a wonderful dog for 16 yrs and could not bring ourselves to have another, but another 16 years later another came into our lives but we know that one day we will go through the same thing again. Animals enrich our lives but like everything, there is a price to pay. No, you will never get over it but in time you will accept and and be able to live with it.

Hi legend’s human,

I’m so terribly sorry. Sometimes I feel like our animals are here to teach us about love and loss because it sometimes seems so cruel that they leave us so quickly. You will expect to see him coming around the corner for a long time & while its painful, I’m so grateful for all the wonderful companions who shared their lives with me. Wishing you great peace and big hugs. I’m so very sorry for your huge loss.

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Hi Legends family,
This is my first post on airhostforum. I’m an avid reader, on the forum, but have never felt the need to post (until now). I wanted to pass my condolences on to you. I too have a best friend that has four legs and I know how fully and completely we can love our four legged companions. My thoughts are with you and your family, I hope that you all find some moments of peace in the coming days and that with time things get easier.

So sorry for your loss,


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What else is there to go on, considering it is your own home. I doubt very much anything changes after November 1st, certainly not the perpetual conflict between public policy trying desperately to social engineer vs. individual choice; that clash will undoubtedly continue as usual.

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@LegendsCreek Obviously you gave Legend a good life while on this Earth, and that is the most important thing. I know how you feel; after 3 generations of my beloved English Setters encompassing 42 years of my life. I consider it an honor.

sorry for your loss, man , our dogs are truly our best friends.
as for the discrimination email from AirBnB… they’d do better to adjust their own practices before spouting what’s fair and right. Integrity and honesty ?.. please.
As Richard Reich pointed out today
"Mandatory arbitration clauses in customer or employee contracts must not used to deny access to the courts, especially when civil rights violations are at stake. "
This is in regard to Gregory Seldon’s case against them for violating civil rights law that forbid housing discrimination. Today, a federal judge ruled that the company’s mandatory arbitration clause in it’s user agreement prohibited users from suing.