Discounting your listing before it expires

has anyone had any luck discounting their guesthome maybe 2 days before it expires? If so how much to discount AND did you find that discounting worked?

That may work if you have a listing in a city with a lot competition. We live very rural. The guest are booking weeks and months before because they like our waterfront home. Discounting would not have any effect, because guest do not choose our place for late bookings.

I do it quite a lot. There’s a decent cleaning fee for my listing so I know how low I can go for it still to be worthwhile. What you do have to watch is - if it goes too low you will get “bargain hunters” (backpacker types) who care for nothing except price. These are less respectful, unfortunately.

One other thing, before you do it, make a test search of your area for those nights. In my case sometimes I’m already competitive and showing at the top of the list, meaning the demand is low - no point discounting!