Discount taken by Airbnb when I do not offer discounts

Hello fellow Hosts,
I need your insight, please. In reviewing the payment by a current guest, I noticed a 10% discount referenced as a discount for booking a month’s stay. I was puzzled since I don’t offer discounts for week or month. I have reached out to Airbnb and I’m waiting for a response.
This is not the first time that it has happened, and I’m puzzled. The CSR said he could not see any reference to a discount associated with the booking and asked me for a “print screen” to show the reference to a discount.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? How could Airbnb offer a discount when I did not choose to offer a discount?
Your input will be appreciated, thank you.

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I offer 10% off a week and 15% off 21 days. Recently ABB took 15% off 16 nights. I can’t get them to get the math to work.


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I thought the same last week and it turned out that I was offering strict cancellation but with a discount if they took the non-refundable option. Check your cancellation policy.

I was surprised to see that when someone searches your listing they see that discount. I think it’s misleading because they have to select the non-refundable option to get the discount.

After I discovered that I had checked that off I also learned that the guest could cancel with Extenuating Circumstances and still get a refund so I unchecked that.


I’m not sure you selected it. It may have been selected by Airbnb for you. I’ve had 3 discounts & other changes occur in the past year that I did not do:

  1. 10% early booking discount
  2. 10% non-refundable discount
  3. Last week after receiving a booking for July, my listing stopped showing up in July searches. The booking window mysteriously changed to 3 months.
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Have your tried a search for your own listing with a different browser or airbnb account? You will see what the guests see before booking. That might give you a clue which one of your settings needs to be changed for this discount to disappear.

@Lynick4442 Thank you for your note. I reviewed my cancellation selection and it’s not the one that involves a 10% discount.
I’m appalled and confused that a 10% discount was given to guest when I did not offer any discounts.
I wonder if my case is a fluke or there’s something going on. A previous booking, months ago also involved a discount that I did not offer.

Airbnb sometimes has weird coding flukes. It’s alway a good idea to check your pricing, discounts, calendar, etc.

There have been other posts noticing this same thing.

The takeaway has been to review the pricing before accepting the request to book, and to periodically review your settings.

A few months ago many of found that our amenity list had been somehow greatly expanded too.

More experienced Hosts than I or long-term forum members will likely give you more ‘meat.’

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With Air pushing 1 week stays, you can look at individual rentals and see what the discount is.

I don’t want 7 night stays, here it’s mostly 2-3 nights on
weekends, so I blocked a day mid week and took away the discount.

I had that for a while and then i learned guests are entitled twats, and will still beg for a full refund even after they chose the cheaper option. So i stopped it.