Discount seeker after checkin in?

Just had a guest who was concerned about my wifi and if the other guest was vaxxed still book my room and today asked for the vacuum because it wasn’t cleaned to his satisfaction. He wanted to clean under the bed and also use a vinegar and water solution to spray some spots. Not sure what to do except prepare to be dinged? I overheard he mentioned something about getting discounts from airbnb… is this usual airbnb discount/freeloader behavior? I can tell he wasn’t happy with the cleanliness of the room but it’s been 24 hours since he’s been here.

And was it actually clean…?
They send photos in, they may get a full refund


It’s a well-known trick to complain about a dirty property (and especially a smelly property) to get a partial or full refund. A picture of a fly or a few specks of dust, and they send it the AIrBnB complaining the place is filthy.

Our first AirBnB experience as a renter was in Germany. During the introductory tour, the owner noticed that the cleaning company had missed a little dust on the top of the refrigerator. He practically begged us to not give him a bad rating over it. Poor guy, we thought he would have a heart attack over it!


Some guests are a bit over-anxious regarding cleanliness. I had a guest once who told me that he’d taken every cup, saucer, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spatula, spoon, pan etc. out of the cupboards and washed them all.

I told him that it wasn’t necessary as I personally do that at every turnover. (Hoping that he’d feel foolish but he probably didn’t).

However it does show that hosts have to be very vigilant regarding the cleaning. We were staying with a host a few weeks ago who had a beautiful place and who’d thought of everything. It was perfect. Until…

We travel with the cat and when we arrived,. he took himself off to explore the apartment. The other half then took off to put gas in the car or some such errand.

I discovered that the cat was stuck under the bed. The bed was too heavy for me to move so I had to crawl about under it. And you know what’s coming now… it was pretty obvious that the cleaners hadn’t been there for weeks, if not months.

Obviously I’m not one of those refund type guests but the host didn’t know that…

So how much did the Airbnb host refund you?

I expect the occasional ding from the over critical guest. However if they seems to be scammers I would be pleasant, try to fix their area of complaint. After they have departed I would click the “I WOULD NOT HOST AGAIN” button. That will prevent them from auto booking and others host would have to read your review before booking them.

That is incorrect as mentioned on multiple threads recently, just an FYI in case you ever get an IB and then wonder what the heck after you read their reviews.

Only if the IB host hit the check box that prevents such bookings. Still good practice to hit NO for any bad guest.