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Discount for consecutive night stays less than 7 days


I see how to offer a 7 day rate but can you advertise a discount for a two night stay? Our minimum night stay is one night which is best for our area but am willing to lower the price for a consecutive night stay since we don’t have to clean. Is this possible? I’m not seeing it as an option.


I don’t think it’s possible to do less than a weekly rate. I guess you could just offer it on your listing description though and send a special offer after you get qualifying inquiries.


I’ve had the same question. I’d like to see more flexibility in the pricing.

I think one way around this is to charge a nominal cleaning fee. That way you’ll be compensated for your time, but if the guest stays more than one night, the extra charge won’t hurt to much.

Or, you could set the minimum stay for two nights - but some of my favorite guests have been last-minute one night stays!

Let us know if you think of anything else.


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