Discount coupon

Hi, I am a host on a current trip in Croatia and I was wondering if you have any experience using discount coupons for my own airbnb stays and where would be a good online source to find some online? I am surpirsed that i have been hosting for 2 years and i never received any coupon from airbnb to use as a guest

Coupons for what? Groceries? Restaurants? Activities?

Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial may be of use in some countries.

Are you asking about Airbnb discounts for your own stays? If so I don’t believe Airbnb does anything outside of the referral credits; deal site (groupon, living social, etc) or credit card sponsored deals; and being a superhost for a year.

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I was offered travel coupons from Air after two bad computer glitches affected my listing - one for $25 and one for $100. I also asked for a coupon to give away a free night to the winner of a Cancer Society Garden Tour. As far as hosting perks goes, I believe that Superhosts do receive a coupon from them if they maintain that status for a year (I think).

I also received a coupon code from AirBNB as compensation for a computer error – the code wasn’t transferrable. Another time, I was given a small credit when a host canceled on me and this was put directly into my account.

I think it will be difficult for you to find a transferrable code. While I’m a host, I travel all the time using Air and I would be willing to pay cash for a transferrable code so I can see why Air is careful about how they distribute and redeem them,

Can’t you ask to withdraw the credit?