Disappearing review...?

maybe this is naive or i dont know how, but i see someone has left a review (number of reviews have gone up by one) but there is no new review when i look…am i missing something?

Most likely the review has been placed towards the back based on language or where the guest lives. In my case, the default order [when I view] is American in English, then other countries in English, and then foreign languages in some random country order.

I understand that if I were in China, I would see the reviews from Chinese guests first.

If you go to your listing, click on your avatar, and then click on it again, you an see the reviews in the order in which they were left.


I have only had two really horrid reviews in all the years I have done this. The first one of those is now completely gone. I can’t find it anywhere. The review I left for that guest is still up though!

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You’re not missing it. Happened to me as well. I left a review (which appears on their profile) and they left me one as well - nowhere to be found.


I saw my guest’s review when I left one for them…but it hasn’t appeared anywhere on my profile. A pain as it was a fabulous review, and as a new host I need all the reviews I can get :frowning:
What’s even more annoying are the constant notifications to get me to review the guest, then a message that I can’t edit my review for them as it’s already posted (and is on their profile).

I’ve messaged AirBnB who’ve acknowledged this is a “technical hitch” but nothing has been done to rectify it. :frowning:

Just happened to me too with a review on Sunday. :thinking:

Happened to me as well with my last two guests. They were from Australia.

Then I checked at the end of my reviews and bingo! That’s where they be folks…along with all the other reviews from guests from the land of Oz.

Are you sure it wasn’t a foreigner? Those reviews are at the end. Believe me it annoys the *&!@ out of me because we get a LOT of Canadian guests being so close to the border. They often leave some of the best reviews, but sadly no one will see them. :frowning:


No foreigner and definitely no review. As a new host I only have four reviews so it’s easy to see them all. I should have 5 if this one had appeared… Hmm.

I wouldn’t be so bothered if I had hundreds of reviews but every one counts for me at this stage and it was a fabulous review too.

Airbnb have acknowledged it’s happened for a number of hosts, hopefully it can be rectified - at least for the good reviews!

Prospective Canadian guests see them first.

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Oh duh!!! Well that’s good then as we have a lot of them now. The weird thing is that yesterday i was looking at our listing incognito, and there were 3 random reviews showing in our listing, they were from May and June of last year. I can’t figure out why they would be first. They were decent reviews, nothing unusual. I’ll never understand some of the stuff Airbnb does.

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