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Disallow checkin on specific weekdays for specific date interval only


Hi all

We just got at booking starting this Saturday, unfortunately we are not able to receive guests this weekend.
Guests can stay for the weekend, they just have to book from Thursday the latest.

Fortunately I found a very hidden option where I could block out checkin on specific weekdays only in a specific date range. So I selected this whole week and blocked checkin friday till sunday, thinking all is good.

Then we get this booking, which should not be possible. Now I am looking for the feature I just mentioned to document that I did indeed block check-ins this weekend. However I cannot find that feature anywhere, I have looked and looked and I simply cannot find it. :confused:

Does anyone of you know the feature I am describing, and where I can find it?

Could airbnb have remove this feature recently perhaps?
Do you know if there is a changelog of the updates to the hosts tools?

Thanks in advance


It’s under “availability” then “Check-in and Checkout” then “Check-in not allowed.” Click on “not set” and you will see a this link:

Specify days of the week when guests can’t check in

Then choose your day and make sure you save your changes.


Thanks, but that is not it. I can only select which days where check-in is not allowed generally, not for a specific range of dates.

I specifically prohibited check-in on friday till sunday, for this week only, not for any other weeks.


Okay, it’s under:

Trip length
Additional requirements (click “none”)
Add a custom rule for seasons or specific dates.


Yes, thank you. Wauw that is complicated to find.

Unfortunately the setting is not there :confused:

Have you every experienced that configuration that you do disappear?


I’ve not used it but did have some blocked dates show as available however I suspect it was operator error in that I probably failed to hit “save” and just backed out of the page or closed the program from the “x” without properly exiting.


Its under Rule Sets in your calendar.


Yes, settings do disappear periodically. Especially when you block days. I think, too, some settings override others. For example, I had set mine up for no same day check ins. Then later I had blocked a day, then unblocked it. I then got a same day booking for that day I had blocked/unblocked. The setting for no same day bookings was still in place but was obviously overridden. Air software is not perfect.

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