Dirty couch -- please advice

hi. Got a message from the host that I dirty the sofa (cover cannot be removed) and demand for a compensation USD80 which I find it too expensive. They told me will need professional cleaner to clean due to cover cannot be removed. If I don’t pay they will report to Airbnb. Please advice what should I do. I did tell the host to give discount. But they don’t accept.

Did you dirty the couch? If so, you should pay the host to clean it! Dirtying up people’s things isn’t a guest’s “right”… whether you get a discount or not!

This is a forum for hosts. We think you should pay the $80 because that’s what it costs to have a couch professionally cleaned.

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Looks like you need to pay to clean up your mess.


Well, as a guest you came to the right forum to be told, quite firmly and fairly, that that amount is what you need to pay, and no discount deserved if indeed you did leave the sofa dirty. I note that you avoid saying whether you did or you didn’t. I have my own sofas professionally cleaned regularly because the covers cannot be removed. These are not sofas that guests use, only family and friends. It costs me £90 per sofa, so you are not being overcharged in any way.

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Unless you are prepared to go to the trouble of arranging for someone to clean it and pay for the host’s time to let them in while the cleaners are there. Especially as you didn’t tell the host about the mess you left which means they suffer stress worrying if it will be able to be cleaned before the next guest arrives. I’d say $80 is pretty cheap all up.

Where I live, the upholstery cleaners have a minimum fee of around $135-$145, so $80 is a deal! You have no idea what a pain it is for a host to have to schedule such a cleaning while working around a busy booking schedule.