Directing guest to our other listing?

I’m sure this is extremely simple and I probably knew the answer once, but we’ve had 4 moths’ rest from hosting, so … we can’t accommodate a prospective guest in the suite for the whole stay as we have family coming. However our other listing is free so we could put them there for the last few days (it’s nicer and we’d only charge them the same.) I want to show them this room but can’t put the web address as Airbnb blocks it out.

Can my clever host friends tell me how to do this, please?

I’ve done this before and never had any problem with Airbnb allowing me to send an Airbnb link through messenger. It blocks other URLs but not my Airbnb links.


Can’t you write ‘search for our other listing entitled Comfortable Waterfront Apartment which is nearby’? That shouldn’t be censored, I think?

You might also be able to simply add your listing number - example ‘9676084’.

Hmm, wonder why it did to ours, then … it’s possibly the way I wrote it. Might try again.

Yes! Simple solution and it worked - thanks, Jaquo, I knew I could rely on you!

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Ah, I just ran into an almost identical situation yesterday!

A guest was asking if I had dates available for one of my listings, which I did not. I responded that I did have another listing available and told them the title of the listing. It worked out just fine! They haven’t booked yet, but I am still getting messages from them so it was not offputting.

In your case, maybe explain to them the situation and see if you can get them into the other listing for their full stay. That may be easiest.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, David, I did think of this, but the big difference between the two listings is that the apartment has a kitchen and the Suite doesn’t. I did what Jaquo suggested and haven’t heard back from them yet, but at this time of year our forward bookings usually take some time …


Sounds good to me. Hope everything works out!

Just for the record, you can also send a special offer, and then select the other listing that you would like to propose as an alternative.

You won’t have to offer a discount, just stick to the default rate as given by Airbnb.


That is how I do it as well. If the nicer of the two is open, I send an alteration that just just includes the other listing without changing the price.