Direct Marketing Options

Hello, I realize there are many postings regarding direct marketing websites, but I haven’t found what I’m really wanted to understand. Do any of you use your own website to direct market, not for SEO purposes but for those you truly direct market to? If so, what site do you use? Thanks for the help.

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See here:

(Direct Booking Sites: The Key to Making More Money)


Many people think you start with a website but you need to start with your market research. Before you set up any direct marketing channels you need to carry out your market research to understand who your target customers are and what online and other channels they use to choose a holiday/visit.

Once you have this information then you can decide on which social media channels and type of website you need to invest in.

You also need to develop a content marketing plan so you know what sort of videos, photos and written content you will have on these channels to appeal to your target market.

Once you have this in place you can invest in advertising, marketing and promotions to drive traffic to these channels.

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