Direct booking site development

I have my first draft of a direct booking site and would like any feedback you feel like giving.

This site was created through the Hospitable systems site builder, which is quite basic unfortunately but at least it’s integrated with all my bookings and should be pretty painless to manage.

I would love to have created some content pages, like “things to do”, “favorite restaurants” etc. but they don’t have that feature yet.

Anyhoo…let me know your thoughts.

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Looks great! Keep us posted, let us know if it’s working out well for you.

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Are you able to input direct booking contact info on that site? It looks like you can just link to Facebook and Insta, and need to be a member of those sites to contact you. I thought the whole idea of a direct booking site was so guests could book with you directly.

Also, because your interiors look so similar to one another, perhaps you should give them more distinctive names?

If you click on one of his properties, it takes you to a booking page, like other booking sites.

@justarock My only feedback is that, as a potential guest, is about the actual formatting of your booking page.

You have that red “Request to Book” box and it looks too much like Airbnb’s, IMO. I am the type of guest that would look for your direct booking site but would then be worried that I was going to be taken through Airbnb. I actually clicked on it to see if that is what would happen but I almost didn’t. I had that feeling that I found your direct website only to be rerouted to Airbnb along with the disappointment that comes with that.

You’ve done the work to set yourself apart from Airbnb and have your own site so I really recommend that you carry that through all of the way and ditch the Airbnb-look-alike booking box. FWIW.

Here is your booking box next to Airbnb’s booking box. Maybe it’s on purpose, I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s serving you and just changing the color would be better than nothing. If I’m looking at your site then it’s because I’m not hung up on wanting to book at Airbnb so your site looking like Airbnb is just confusing:

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Oh, duh, my bad.

@Justarock Your photos look a bit washed out, need a bit more contrast to “pop”. However, that may just be my computer display.

Otherwise looks good.

The part that reads " Bond Street Stoop - Fells Point
Short term rentals in the heart of the Fells Point neighborhood, close to restaurants, the National Aquarium and more!"

takes some effort to read, especially as the “slideshow” changes the background of what I’m reading. A bolder, different colored font, or moving it to the top white banner area would be an improvement. I’d also add some more image to the slideshow or just choose 1. The Facebook link is non-specific; it opens the profile of whoever is clicking (I landed on my FB profile).

Overall it’s very nice, though.

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Anyone looking for something similar for a Relaxing Beach House? RelaxingBeachHouse.

my only recommendation is to add names to your listing titles to make them easier for guests to distinguish and less of a mouthful. We know they’re in Fells Point, a snappy name would help with advertising. Don’t worry - descriptions will grab the SEO points :slight_smile: