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Dinged on location......Gluten free?


A guest dinged me on location stating that it was hard to find a “gluten free” eatery nearby. I actually laughed. Didn’t respond nor sent them a note. Just wanted to share. BTW, all they had to do was search for gluten free restaurants nearby. There are several 10 minutes away. Go figure.


The most meaningless Airbnb metric. It’s good for a laugh though. Thanks for sharing.


that is awful. I would laugh if not for the fact that it can affect metrics


People are so ridiculous. Someone dinged us on location even though in the review they said we are only a few minutes away from where they wanted to go.


Metrics, yes, but not SH status. :grimacing:


:joy::joy::rofl: Hahhaha What?!?! How dare you not have multiple gluten free eateries next door to your listing! I will also insist you ensure the air quality in your city is good and the sun is shining during my entire stay. LOLOL

What a freaking nutjob of a guest!! Gaw, now I’ve heard everything.


Too bad they don’t have a directory for PITA guest eliminators!


I’ve mentioned this before but although I didn’t get marked down for location, I did have a guest recently who berated me because the ocean (walking distance from here) wasn’t BLUE ENOUGH!


Lol what? Did they ding you on accuracy? It always makes me laugh when people mark us down on value too. If they didn’t like the price, they didn’t have to book.


Fortunately, the review and star ratings were all good :slight_smile:

But the temptation is there to say ‘Oh sorry about the ocean. How remiss of me. I should be popping down there daily to clean up the water. After all, it’s only the Atlantic Ocean…’

I did however once get marked down for location because there were road works on the road down to the beach. As if city road construction is planned and scheduled by me…


Accuracy was a 5. I try to moderate my snarkiness these days. Most folks have been pleasantly surprised with the location. I really do have a vineyard and do vineyard stuff. Several of the guest have gotten a tractor driving lesson and for those with dogs, this is the first time their dog has gotten to chase a rabbit.



“Fellow Airbnb Guests, STF away from Jaquo’s home. The whole place LOOKS nice, but they are downright disingenuous about the colour of the sea! All her pictures showed Titanic blue with a touch of cerulean. What we saw was … Navy! And at night…black as Egypt’s night! At dawn, the water was pinkish! I called Air to report it, and they are going to try to get my money back for the week. Misrepresentation! fake news!”


Oh ffs!! The only thing you can do is laugh. Location is the one thing for which I consistently get lower ratings because I’m not right in the centre. I once had someone say “the roads are too narrow”. Oh I’m so sorry, I’ll apply to the council to have this historic medieval city raised to the ground so you can happily drive your stupid huge car right through with ease.


You joke about this but not long ago I read on the Community Airbnb centre about a host who got a refund request from guests who complained that the pool was “not the same colour blue as the photos”. I think Airbnb actually allowed it, that’s why she was posting… can’t remember… need to stop looking at that place because there’s all sorts of craziness on there!


I always keep gluten free bread and cerael, it has a really long shelf life for guests who are either gluten intolerant or dont want to eat gluten. In the last few years you can get gluten free anything in Ireland now. I make overnight oats or oat bread if its coming near its end.

But there is no way you should be marked down for not providing gluten free products.

Guests pick the location so if they dont like it, They are basically saying they cant pick a suitable location. I have often reminded a guest that they picked me and not the other way around


I am gluten free and you don’t need any gluten free food to follow a gluten free diet, you just need to eat food that have naturally no gluten. It is very easy diet.


I got dinged on accuracy and location, because I say that I am in the middle of town but the guests perceived it as being outside of town. Ummm, pretty sure I know more about my town then you do…but thanks for rating your ignorance :thinking:


Ha! This is so true!! It applies across the board, not just on location.



Crying, with laugher and sadness all at the same time!! WTF?!

Some people… Crazy, how on the earth would this be your fault? Wow, the response they would have got from me! Ha ha. Time for a meat only BBQ.


I recently had a guest who dinged me for location, accuracy, AND value on the grounds that he thought my place would be closer to the convention center. He also stated “wrong address” in his review. When he booked, he emailed me to ask how far I am from the convention center, and I gave him an honest reply, which I believe he never read. In fact, he never replied to any of my messages and I finally had to phone him on the day of his arrival so he would have the door code to be able to let himself in! He also checked out 3 hours after checkout time on his departure date, without asking if that was okay. So this guy was obviously a bit of a train wreck. Anyway, after I saw his review, I called Airbnb, first to confirm that my address is listed correctly and that the maps are accurate. Then I asked if they would be willing to remove his review. They could see that I had responded to his original message, and saw my other unanswered messages to him. Also, I had called them in a panic when he hadn’t checked out on time (because my housekeeper had arrived and didn’t know what to do, and once again, I couldn’t reach him). Low and behold, Airbnb removed the review, stating that it “violates our Content Policy”! So if you get a ridiculous review from a ninny, it might be worth it to ask Air if they’ll remove it for you!

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