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Difficulty editing listings

For the past few weeks I have had problems when I try to edit descriptions in my listings. I need to make changes due to Covid19 particularly where shared spaces are concerned. The “Save” button" stays grayed out. I am sure that I am not the only one and for the benefit of others I have found a way around some of that. This involves saving my changes in Wordpad and copying and pasting into the Airbnb in stages and saving each where allowed and then going back in and repeating the process. Sometimes it will allow only 5 letters before the save gets grayed, while allowing 20 in other attempts. This can make for a very messy and disjointed way of doing things and makes no sense as the word limit in each section has not been exceeded.
I do not have any bookings so that is why I don’t mind experimenting. Not like in January when I tried to view my hosting page but could not get out of the traveling/guest section so closed ,my browser and Airbnb immediately cancelled nine of my bookings and only allowed two to rebook. This was a global problem and was blamed on a website glitch but which they did very little to make it right and it took a week out of my life trying to sort out the mess they created.

What are you trying to achieve by making the changes? @RIGSBY

I am wondering if they put a block on hosts with shared listing trying to make changes to stop them trying to get around the regulations around the corona virus?

Or it could be a glitch :slight_smile:


Have you tried using another computer? I can’t edit my listing when I use my tablet but I can edit it when I use my PC.

We are not trying to get around any regulations.

Thanks for that suggestion. I had tried changing browers but not computers. I will give that a try as I will need to make more changes when things get back to as near normal as possible

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Don’t know where you are located, but Airbnb has blocked caledars in some places because of govt. restrictions. I know they have in the UK, and I think some US states.

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And on my 5 listings, EVERY review has disappeared!

I wasn’t saying that you were, I was suggesting it as a reason why they MAY have put a block on changes to shared listings, but who knows - it’s Airbnb :slight_smile:

Just see that they’ve blocked my calendar as well- to May 1. I’m in Mexico.

Also- Basic requirements is showing 0 for Accepted reservations and 0 for Ratings, with the usual message to pull up my socks.


Yep, me too!

It’s usually a good sign though. They are probably making updates.

Sounds like a local issue, i.e. a problem with your device, as opposed to a forum or Airbnb problem if it’s affect two totally separate sites.

Definitely try using a different device.

Yep, the same. I wouldn’t worry, this happens every so often.


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First things I always try are clearing the browser cache and deleting the cookies for the site.

Pull up your socks, will you, @muddy? Guests expect a consistent level of quality, after all. Even when they are huddling in their own homes, unable to book, stay with, or rate you. You know? Get on it. Because it is all about your level of quality and nothing to do with any, I don’t know, global pandemic or anything.
Like you, I find the warnings funny. Sure, I want a nice pat on the back about how I am keeping my guests safe by making zero dollars, but it’s a callous bot.

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