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Difficult Guest



This man is troubled, as in touched, as in not playing with a full deck, as in “delights in the misery of others.” My inner dipstick would be tempted to leave his review as is for future guest amusement.


Lol, you will not find Faux news in my listing.



My favourite part is too small pots, cutting board and table. Was he a giant ?:grinning::grinning:.
We can’t cater to guests like this to the point that they start abusing us. What was he using that table for that it was too small for him.
People like this when you call them.on being difficult or rude ussualy step back. Some don’t but many do.
And don’t worry about review so much. What he complained about if he puts this in his review people would laugh.
I actually once had a guest who told me my silwerware is too small. I just looked at him. And that was his first and last complain.


Yes…that FOX channel. When I called Comcast and asked about FOx channel that my guests were complaining about they told me it’s part of a different package and it would cost me another 125$ to get it. I told the geusts I’d he wants to pay it I don’t mind


Yes, towards the end I pushed back and told him point blank that his requests were unreasonable. He became visibly unhappy, at which point I had lost interest in appeasing him.


Dear Dstario,
It’s not likely you could get a good review from such a guest no matter what you do. First of all make sure your listing has clear descriptions and details. Anything that might be an issue should be disclosed upfront. Include lots of good photos. You can’t possibly make that many adjustments. Just because he’s renting for a month doesn’t give him the right to make such demands. And why did he travel all the way to Indonesia to watch TV and expect everyone to speak English? Absurd! Just be as kind and polite as you can and make any adjustments that are reasonable and hope for the best. We all get the "guest from Hell"occasionally. Just make it a learning experience.


You know sometheenk? After being called out on their stuff succinctly and without personal insults, some people actually get it.

They realize that they have been misbehaving.

And that their behavior was inappropriate.

And that the host review matters.

Ya never know till it’s over. Good luck!


Maybe he won’t leave you a review – I have had a few guests that didn’t. You can get the AirReview app for Chrome and see whether and what kind of reviews he left for others, I agree, I would wait till the last minute and maybe he won’t leave a review… or, if you don’t leave one for him, his will not show up on your page either.


Sorry your last comment isn’t true @JJCatfinder

Whether or not you leave a review - a guests review will still show on your listing.

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