Difference between PreApproved & Hold on Cabin?

Advise needed.
We are new w AirBnB & unsure of protocol when a Guests as been PreApproved.

Q: Do we wait the 24 hours to see IF they DO book? Or PreApprove other Guests for same dates, letting each know others were considering those dates?

 The 1st guest indicated they’d Accept Booking for Memorial Day weekend, by 5pm, but didn’t, while 2 others want same dates. 

I may be giving this too much thought. It’s that Texas Southern Hospitaliy thing.

What’s protocol?


I would never hold a reservation for anyone unless I know them personally, they are a repeat guest or I had a special request with a clear reason for doing so. The guest gets a notice that the room is not being held for them. Whoever books first with payment gets the room


First come first served. If family/friends are coming you just block the calendar.


pre approve anyone you would like to stay. No need to let anyone else know. And good that you have a number of possibilities!

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Pre-approvals go to anyone who is a good fit and it’s okay to give as many as you like, even for overlapping dates. I hesitate to even mention other people are looking at those dates because it can come off as a sales tactic. Since I also have IB, anyone can book before a pre-approved person and I wouldn’t even know.

I had one lady spend 4 days going back and forth, with 2 expired pre-approvals. Someone IB’d the dates while she was farting around; she wasn’t pleased, but the reservation goes to whoever puts their money down first. After some learning experiences holding dates for people who flaked, I only hold dates for returning guests or longer bookings.


Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Ms Allison.
Glad to know of & learn from your past experiences.
Unrelated Q. Do you list your space on other sites? VRBO, Travelocity, etc


I haven’t tried booking on other sites, but mostly because VRBO and Travelocity seem more geared toward whole house rentals and I have a guest suite in my house.