Didn't get email notification! lost $700

Hi there

Naturally when someone makes a request for a booking we get an email telling us to go to Airbnb site to check it out and write back.
Last month however someone who wanted a month stay wrote not an official date request but asked the question can he take for a week then confirm the rest of the month if it is quiet enough (he needed quiet to work…and it is very quiet so no problem.
The problem was because he only sent a message rather than a request there was not email notification to us.
As it is low season here in Thailand I have not been going to Airbnb site much but relying on email notification as a heads up.
The short is we lost about $700 as the unit was available and he had decided it was the best unit for him from the site.
Is there some setting that allows email warning of ANY communication, or anything else we can do?


In a browser you go to Account > Notifications and then there are check-boxes for “Notify me when”…

Thanks Tessa

oddly all four notification tick boxes were ticked including “notify me when I get a message”.
Ah well I’ll SAVE and thenkyou for that.

One question…it has a tick box (default not ticked) for SMS notification.
This would be useful.
Is it a free service do you know?

thanks again Tessa!

I think that depends on whether your cell phone plan charges anything for text messages.

I usually receive Air notifications three ways…on my iPad (first) then a text message, then email. If you have a cell phone plan with texting it’s worth it to have the texts sent. That way you never miss a booking…, $700 bites!

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