Did you try searching for your own listing?

…I did. Surprinsingly, my isting doesn’t show in the results pages, nor on the map. I tried different searches, different dates, I got always the same : my listing doesn’t show.
Did you experience such issue ? airbnb support keep pretending it’s wrong and do nothing. I suspect there is here a real problem, and would like to know if I am alone in that case.

Hello, ggore. Air uses complex algorithms to sort their listings. I think places that have had more bookings and positive reviews tend to show up more readily. Don’t quote me on that fact, but i do recall that when I first started I had a hard time finding my listing. Since I’ve had a lot of bookings, I now usually show up on pages 1 or 2 on a search of my neighborhood. And, there are a LOT of listings in my neighborhood (Hollywood). Keep trying. Also, consider filtering by price, zooming in on the map, make sure the search criteria match those of your listing and dates available (I know it may be obvious, but if you are inputting dates your place is already booked, your listing won’t appear).

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Thanks Jackulas,
I know this, I am on air for some years now. I had no problems till now,
nevermind the kind of research, criterias, filters, dates (avaliable !), same thin : I don’t show up. The support brings no answer except “keep searching”. I suspect a huge bug here… or worse ?

I’ve experienced the same thing from time to time. No idea what is going on. Then it reappears! I try to avoid looking :0

So far I’m always on the first page for my town. But there aren’t many of us in delray.

When I search for a place using the name of my small town, a long bunch of listings come up are about 40 minutes away. Totally whacked. Called ‘air’ and they said - yep - blah blah blah google search blah blah blah…

Did you zero right in on your location on the map?!

I discovered something. I originally had my room listed as £45 for two people+£ additional people, if you are just searching the default is for 1 person, so my room didn’t show up! Once I changed it to £36 for 1 person+£ additional people, it did show up more. Even though no single person will ever be likely to stay in my place!

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I am in touch with air on thie issue and they just keep telling everything is fine… I keep not finding my place, with any kind of search (I’m in Paris, with a huge number of listings, but when spotting the map in my surroundings I just don’t show). Wonder how many hosts did really investigate this, seems air is doing what they want and don’t event account for it when you ask. Whacked and wicked. Lets spread the issue to know who is satisfied and who not…

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I’m still satisfied. I show up on page 1 pretty much every time. Wish I could be empathetic, but I haven’t had a problem.

I think if you use the map when loking at the listings, their system automatically leaves out your listing, if you are logged in when doing the search.
But in the list of properties it should come up.
I’m pretty new at this and I’m carrying out anonymous searches multiple times a day, to see where our listings fall in the ranking!
Lol! Kind of obsessive, but it will wear off! LOL!

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Yes, Aquatic - it does wear off - and I did it also - I also obsessively compared my amenities and pricing with everyone around me to be sure I was on target, and then changed prices depending on how long it had been since I had a booking. I’m more settled now, which is nice in some ways, but I do miss the excitement of the early days. ; ) Good luck!!