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Did you notice Airbnb rises fees?



Look at the itenerary. It should show you what the guest pays.


It should but it doesn’t, not on the host’s copy of the itinerary. When I’m a guest, yes I see it.


Yeah, it just has the amount Airbnb pays me and the 3% cut they took in “host fee”.

I know my guests also pay some mystery amount in Airbnb fee and state taxes. As Dusty says, I should be able to see those amounts, but don’t. It makes it hard to know why my value ratings are taking a hit when I can’t see that part of the equation.

Are you in the US? I wonder if their coding may be different by location…


The only way I know to see the fees is to go in and click book on your own listing for the same number of days and price as the one you are checking for. When you click “book” the total with the fees will appear. I paid almost 15% on my one night stay last month.

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