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Did you notice Airbnb rises fees?



I’m hoping for a home share service that is viable, more like the original Airbnb. Meaning only hosts who live on site can list. No absentee landlords, no hotels, no property managers with multiple properties. I have nothing against those who do those things I just wish I weren’t lumped in with them.

I wonder if Airbnb moved away from that model out of greed or necessity.


Houfy. It’s going to be Houfy…for whole homes that is. I just know it!


From my reading, market analysis stuff, there are tight upper limits to how people are willing to homeshare, and AirBNB’s growth goals require tapping non-resident investors.

(So, kind of a blend of greed/necessity.)


Alex, not sure if you have a whole home or not. But the sites are out there. They just need time to grow, and the support for people to list with them. Good for you for supporting bedloom. All of these major players all started with one listing. Just take a look at Homeaway…they were chuckling at Air’s “renting bedrooms” and now look who’s laughing. HA does everything to copy cat them.

New sites do not need millions of dollars to compete with the major players. You can use social media, go viral, etc. Of course it will not happen overnight.



I suspect Airbnb changed to allow full home sharing out of a combination of greed & necessity for crossover rentals.

For example, the son & daughter-in-law of a friend, purchased a beautiful but outdated home on 10 acres of land with a pond. Fortunately it is close to several winery based wedding venues. They live in the home but do a whole home rental. They go stay “at Mom’s” during the rentals. They are using the money to renovate & eventually help pay for the home.

K9 you may have hit the next idea “sharemyhome.com”!!!


@K9KarmaCasa I used to do it like a homestay but then airbnb spoiled and bagpackers fleed my house, as i needed this income i moved away and became a distant landlord/property manager/hostel or whatewer you called me, it is same me but the game has changed


I have no problem with that. I just wish Airbnb was somehow still a distinct brand that stood for something unique.


@K9KarmaCasa i was actually also making more money back then in like 2010-2014. I did all those things for guests which they post now in Experiences.


One data point here in Boston. Guest fees are back to 13.01%. I saw a spike of up to 21% and my bookings went dry. Now, I am getting activity once again.


@smtucker thats great news, i also got that dry bookings period


@smtucker i am happy for Boston, at my city is still 23,5% dry


I just noticed AirBnB is charging my guests 15% on top of my rate. That seems exorbitant. Is this a new increase? It used to be 12%… which seems like more than enough per booking, separate plus the fee the hosts pays… A 15% fee can make the difference between booking AirBnB and a hotel.

Suggestion: I and my guests need little AirBnB support, thanks in large part to our efforts to walk guests through the process, and clarifying terms and special offers up-front. If AirBnB is going to raise fees, they should do it on the rentals that create the need for more support.

Create a tier system that hosts need to earn. Let those that create work for the company bear the brunt of the expenses.


@Songminer i expected all host to react to that but apparently hosts dont care


I can only presume its a typing error and should read:
Create a tier system that GUESTS need to earn. Let those that create work for HOSTS bear the brunt of the expenses.


From a host friendly service airbnb just become a greedy corporation which gives guest refunds on the first request


Nope. I meant what I said. Guests will ALWAYS be needy. Dealing with AirBnB is not always an easy thing for guests. We try to do the heavy lifting to make their task easier. If we do, AirBNB has to do less… so the fees for our guests should be less… and therefore our bookings will be more attractive to guests.

We make it up in additional bookings… thus EARN our lower fees.


@Songminer and they become even more needy when the price rises because of commission, around my place it is not much difference in price between airbnb and hotels anymore


It’s not that I don’t care. I just don’t have any control over it so why worry about it?

If your prices are that close to what a hotel offers then you need to offer something that differentiates you from a hotel that would make guests choose your place instead.


@TuMo what do you have in mind what differentiates host from the hotel?

I wish Airbnb would have a competitive platform. The problem is all new sites copy Airbnb and it is like opening a small grocery store next to the Walmart. Vrbo and agoda homes have enough resources to compete with AIRBNB, but management is terrible so they are not popular among the guests.

My idea was to create somehow Airbnb host labor union which will block host humiliation decisions like: giving guests full refunds because of the weather or illness, not paying hosts if they were not able to charge guests cc, rising fees etc. etc., but apparently there are not enough hosts who support this idea as community arrangement requires expenses


How can you tell what Airbnb charged to the guest? When I look at reservation confirmation it just has the amount paid to me and host fees.

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