Did y’all see this? Travel & work for Airbnb

Airbnb will pay your rent!!!

The link—

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It you have twitter, go to the link for the complaint. Most of them blame AirBnB CS, not hosts, but the rest of their complaint displays their utter ignorance. Interesting to see the viewpoints of our customers from Hell:

Or this dude, who probably didn’t read the “NO PARTIES” rule in the listing:

And Mel is confused because she didn’t read the cancellation policy before clicking “Book Now”.

A long, whiny thread.

It amuses me the way that some people now are using the word ‘literally’ as an emphasis. I think that DYING is emphatic enough, isn’t it?

And yes, I have seen ‘he literally laughed his head off’ written in all seriousness.

Mind you, who talks about a friend dying and ends the sentence with ‘lmao’?

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Sigh. People just people. Why does TPez think that because a murder occurred close to the rental, he should be allowed to cancel with refund

Absolutely disturbing event but what does it have to do with his rental? Sadly murders are in the news everyday.

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He’s welcome to cancel, he’s just not eligible for a refund, poor baby.

Pretty soon we’ll have to list “a murder might happen in front of our place” or we will have insufficiently warned people about the neighborhood.

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