Did y’all see this? Downton Abby


I’m ready to hop a flight!!!

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See previous thread here:

What do they mean in House Rules that newspapers must be ironed? Are they too wrinkly???

Absolutely. Would you want to read a copy of The Times that has been creased up when being shoved through your letterbox? What do you think footmen are for?

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It’s intended to be funny. During “Downton Abbey,” a footman always irons the newspaper before the Earl of Grantham sees it in the morning. It’s apparently to “set” the ink and prevent the earl from getting any ink on his hands.


Thanx for the inside info. I have never seen the show.

Let’s fix this:

TV series PBS Available on Amazon prime, Netflix & PBS on demand. Movie out soon (maybe now depending on where you are)

Compared to USA shows it is dry but well worth viewing. For the USA audience Shirley McClain and Elizabeth McGovern are key characters.

I’ve watched the UK versions of Law & Order & House of Cards.

USA versions are harder, quicker, meaner—anyway if you like character studies, the PBS, BBC version is well worth watching. I loved it.

But then again, I adore “Curse of Oak Island” that takes 1 hour to share 5 minutes of information.

yes-I am quirky

I love dry British humor. Is it more drama or comedy? I have Amazon Prime so I guess I could watch. I just rarely watch TV at all. Thanx for the impetus.

Drama—kind of a spin on upstairs downstairs.