Did the recent update break the "Allows Pets" Filter?

To our knowledge, there was a Search Filter for “allows pets”.
Recently, we have gotten a LOT of inquiries with “do you allow dogs - we have an X breed”. That struck us really odd so we did several types of searches and do not see ANY filter related to pets, dogs, cats, whatever.
Ok folks so - are we missing something? Was there never a pet filter? Or did it go away and when?
Pretty odd that a Guest can filter for an Iron or drying rack … but not filter for pets allowed?!
Thanks very much!

Yes, there is/was a pet filter as I use it as a guest.

But, in just looking at local rentals on computer not with the app, it seems to have disappeared. Maybe only temporary.

Air is putting people through the wringer concerning pets.

It’s there in the app but not with the amenities (unless I misunderstood). If I enter the number of pets (same area you enter the number of adults, kids, etc) I will get only places that allow them. If I leave it at 0 and a place doesn’t allow pets the box is grayed out if you attempt to update it after picking a place. Oh, and there’s the bold link telling them they can bring pets anyway

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“If you’re lucky enough to have more than 2 pets with you” ???

WTF? This is really outrageous.


I know we are aware that Airbnb is biased towards the guest. But this pet BS is pushing me over the edge………
All I am hearing is Airbnb said it was ok!


Pretty sure I listed a house, not a kennel!


Let’s see what they do with the rest of the winter update code drops.
I am not optimistic but they COULD Fk up by accident and DO A GREAT JOB.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks for the warning. I’ll be ready with my response:

“I am currently fostering a very unpredictable Rottweiler. While he is very good with people, I don’t really trust him around other dogs, as he is very hard to control. If you feel this will be a good fit…”

:rofl:. If you could see my real dog, a cuddly chihuahua terrier, you’d laugh too!

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Oh you can’t write that and not post photos …

I was just doing some incognito market comps and here’s the “missing” amenities pet filter. I’m admittedly not straight about when it does/does not show up :thinking: I need to do some systematic searching

I don’t get how “pets allowed” is an “amenity”. An amenity is something one finds in a place, an appliance, heat, a parking spot, not what is allowed.

This is a Guest View Search Filter, using incognito Chrome. It would seem that they are still in process of the rollout. So who knows WHAT we’ll get, when and where. … or IF???


I would have, but need to figure out how…

I agree that “allows pets” should be in Rules. IMHO “no animals in this space ever” would be an amenity, along with “no perfumes or floral scents”.

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Don’t forget “don’t strip the beds”. Oh and of course adding to Amenities - filter for stays with duvets

And kettles………! X 20

LOL. Funny since humans are arguably the worst ones.

This! The wording is ABB’s unprofessional way of making everything that is important “cute” and flippant.

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