Did I do this cancellation correctly?

It was an Instant Book for 5 people. The young woman who booked gave me the names of the other guests. I checked them on Facebook, and they are all recent graduates who were in the same sorority. They were planning to celebrate her birthday.

She lives in the next town over.

My first thought was why can’t you have your birthday party in your own house?

I cancelled and checked the option of not feeling comfortable. When the system asked for a reason, I said that I was not willing to host locals having a party.

Then I got to thinking, are we allowed to “discriminate” against local people? I knew not to mention anything about their age, which was another factor, but not the main one.

Did I do this correctly?

They aren’t a protected class on Airbnb. A number of members here don’t like to host locals. In your case the Not comfortable seems to be having a party, which seems legit. The only thing that you might run into is if they also happened to be a a minority race or other group (like they were all members of the Muslim-American student group and they complained then you might face scrutiny.


She’s probably not having a party at her parents house because she and her friends probably want to get high on drugs. If AirBnb contacts you, you can tell them you were concerned about drug use.

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Looks legit to me!!!