Did I do the right thing?

Guest left me a very positive review although I was dinged a star on value, but the overall review was great. I’m an advocate of honest reviews and my feedback was that the guest left an unattended spill and also left the Aircon on (only discovered this morning, after 20 hours). I still gave the guest a thumbs up as she left other places tidy and she did texted me to say they were in a hurry to leave , which I also mentioned. I docked a star for cleanliness and another for communication, as she doesn’t reply very promptly.

Guest texted back to apologise for the spill and Aircon.

I was wondering if I was being too harsh in my feedback?


WTF. Runs up a massive Aircon bill then dings you on value. I think you were over generous to recommend someone who leaves the Aircon on. For all she knew the place could be empty for a week.


I had the same situation this past week regarding communication and a house rule. Overall, the guy was good and I decided not to do more than dock a star for each. I toyed with being harsher and also with not saying anything at all. Then he left me a great review and I felt bad, and wondered if I did the right thing too

I was honest, so I think I was correct. And it sounds like you are too, in my opinion.

Anywhere my family and I stay, we get everything out to our car and then we do once through the place to check and make sure that nothing has been missed or left on. A simple 5 minutes would have stopped this from happening at all.

I bet next time she checks these things. You were right :wink:

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You left an honest review and so did they. Your place was wonderful, them not so much. It’s always difficult when the feelings aren’t mutual, but that’s not what reviews are about. You did the right thing.

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Yes you absolutely did the right thing - you were honest. That’s exactly what other hosts want. I particularly appreciate the way that you specify what the problems were. I much prefer that to reading host reviews that say that ‘there were a couple of issues’ or whatever without explaining what they were.

For example, some hosts would definitely not want a guest who left the AC on, left a spill and didn’t respond promptly to texts. Because all hosts are different, I mind none of those issues. (@Jess1, I fully appreciate what you’re saying about the AC bill but I have a rule that I always go into the rentals the minute - well, almost - that guests leave so that I can check on the place - including the AC settings).

If only more hosts would be honest about their guests then we’d all have a much easier time, I think!

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It doesn’t matter to guests what they are rated as much as hosts.

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I think if a guest has a noticeably dinged star rating hosts will think twice.

Yes, I have an instant book guest at the moment for 2 nights. One review and only a 31/2* rating, also the review was left for a different person’s name, alarm bells.

I always ask for the other guest’s name in my pre-booking message. The booking message I got was; “in the area for a procedure at the local hospital”.

I send my welcome message and ask again for the other guest’s name. After 24 hours of no reply I am starting to feel uneasy so I message again. This time explaining it’s self check in, we like to know who is staying and I’m also concerned that the review is for someone else, I add that if I don’t hear from you I will need to contact Air about the reservation. I get this message: my mother … is staying with me, the name in the review was a mistake.

I message back saying I hope the procedure goes well etc. Reply: nothing.

Talk about brusque communication! if she had said anything else apart from “procedure at a local hospital” I think for the first time I would have called Air to use my get out of jail “cancel” free card for the first time.

We will see what the housekeeper has to report tomorrow.

Where can you see star ratings for guests? I can only see how many hosts recommend them.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Tell that to one of my recent guests who flipped out when I gave her a 4-star review for leaving an hour past checkout. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can only see this on the app, not the website. Click on their profile. Funny, some hosts don’t get the part about how many recommendations they have.

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I think you can only see them from the AirBnB app. I can’t see them on my PC, but I can on the app.

Thanks for that. I have reloaded the app on my new phone but having trouble getting logged in.

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Only 4*, you were too kind

Hello! Seeing the stars in the app, is that only for instant book people? Only before they are approved? I see prior reviews for guests but I don’t get the stars. I’m not (yet) instant book. Thank you!

I don’t know but I am on instant book.

No, I can see them after they book. That’s how I knew to cancel a 4 star guest back in June (about whom I have posted multiple times elseswhere).

It’s so strange that everyone doesn’t have access to the same views.


Thank you! I have read about the 4* person and other people being able to see things like that. I see reviews from other hosts but not how many trips someone has taken vs reviews nor do I see their stars. It’s pretty meager in terms of vetting anyone! AirReview only for me right now. It’s better than VRBO/HA, thankfully, but not by much.

Thanks for your help!

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