Did Airbnb stop displaying guests feedback for non-instant booking?

I’ve noticed that all my recent booking inquiries do not show guests feedback from other hosts. I am not sure if this is because people do not have feedback, or because Airbnb now only allows to see feedback for instant booking only? Anybody knows?

This would be quite inconvenient of course if this is indeed the case. I just declined a reservation for the lady with 3 kids because she has no reviews. Somebody like her would get declined more often, as hosts want to have some assurance when they have concerns about the guest. Based on my experience I am more cautious when renting to families with little kids, as well as some other groups.

If this is indeed a new policy, I think it is hurting everybody. Guests get declined more often. Hosts loose income. Airbnb looses income as well. Who wins?


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I think the “no reviews” goes along with “no photos” until a guest books. REALLY torques my trolley, as they say!

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Ken, have you looked on the app? I see the profile photos there, but not on the emails or the computer…


That’s another thing they are probably going to force us to do, use the app by way of putting all the best features on the app, not the website.

I use InstantBook but require the “thumbs up” to book. I had someone manually request recently who had a thumbs down from a previous host and I could read their reviews before accepting. I was on the app at the time.

Are you certain this guests did not have any reviews already?

However, is AirBnB moving towards a model of not showing reviews until after the guest has been accepted? If so, this is alarming because there will be no consequence for having a negative review. (It’s already too easy to just open a new account.) And this will potentially be dangerous for private-room hosts, who can’t screen who is in their shared space.


I o not use the App or my phone. I use real computer.

The app has more functionality, like showing the star ratings in the 3 categories. They aren’t available on the website. Those star ratings on the app alerted me to a guest with 4 star overall average who booked early one morning to arrive that day and I was able to cancel right away. Very helpful.

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