Did Airbnb change their API?

It looks like Airbnb may have updated their API after this newest release of Trips.

Question for any of the companies on this forum that have built their business on the API:

-Are you concerned at all about this causing issues with your software?
-What steps are you taking (if any) to adjust and adapt to Airbnb changes?

Would like some honest opinions :slight_smile:

No, Airbnb has not changed their API after the site update. They have released more endpoints, because the API can now do more, but there has been no change on older functions (like: accepting a booking, searching for a listing, etc.).

An API is the only secure way for a mobile app to exchange data with a remote server. As long as your Airbnb mobile apps are functioning, I sleep well. If they don’t, Airbnb has collapsed anyway.


It was a question that had popped up during a coffee conversation some hosts and I were having.

The assumption was that they had changed the API since the Trips roll out, that’s why I asked. I knew there were people on this forum that would know the answer. :slight_smile: