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Description does not update

Hey there! I have changed the description of my listing weeks ago, saved, but it still shows the old one. Airbnb said I should clear all cache cookies etc which I did, but still the description does not change. In fact, the “old” description is shown on the listing, but when I go edit, the other one appears in the typing box. I save, but the old one is still there. What can I do?

If this was happening to me, this is what I would do.
Copy what you want your listing to say, save it to a clipboard or email it to yourself, whatever, just have a way to copy the whole thing.
Go into your description and manually delete EVERYTHING. If it won’t let you save without having something in there, just type some gibberish. Save that. Then log out.
Wait 10 minutes, do a search for your place without logging in, see what it says.
Log in, delete the gibberish, and put copy/paste your saved description.

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