Demand for, VS Airbnb

Has anyone ever listed a SHORT-term stay on Airbnb AND Or on Airbnb AND Just wondering if one can expect about the same number of bookings on these less-traveled platforms. Yes, I know that Airbnb has more hosts and searching guests, but if you’re in a small pond, you become a big fish. I used to use Airbnb, but I hate the company and I’m off that platform.

Have a look who owns them.
B.con and Expedia have bought out most of the smaller sites and you get auto listed on all of them.


You need to list on websites that are used by your target customer @glob

Have you tried doing a Google search for your type of listing in your area to see where your competitors are advertising.

Don’t forget if you and your property qualify.

And if it fits your situation.

My younger guests tend to check No fees. Can book transportation & stay.

There is no need to advertise on Airbnb. There’s always a huge supply of guests who are searching.
I’ve since learned that HomeStay is literally for hosts who are sharing space with guests. That leaves

Sorry I don’t agree at all @glob you can’t make a blanket statement like ‘there is no need to advertise on Airbnb’ and ‘there’s always a huge supply of guests who are searching’. Yes guests are always searching, but what matters are - are they searching for your type of listing in your area at your price point.

Demand and supply varies by area and many hosts all over the world have seen falling demand.

In most Western areas there are certainly more than one listing company you can use and channels you can invest in to market your STR business.

Can I ask why you are on an Airbnb forum if you feel there is no need for you to use their services?