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Delisting rooms temporarily.......downside?


We have a room listed on Airbnb.
We have had great reviews without exception and continue to get good requests for stays.
Trouble is we have other plans for a while.
If I enlist the apartment:

  1. Will my apartment disappear from the Airbnb page showing all the rooms for rent (I would prefer this for now)

  2. I am on the point of being a super host I’d say…100% response, great reviews etc…
    If I enlist then restart say in six months will I revert to my present status or lose those benefits.

  3. Will the reviews be recorded for showing on future listings?


Naturally I meant UNLIST not ENLIST in my post above…sorry

I think you actually want to snooze your listing, not un-list.

Hi @jindy

You can unlist without trouble. Sure, unlist means your listing will no longer be displayed (on your profile, in search results, for current guests if you still have some). Reviews will still be appear publicly on your profile, and will still appear publicly on your listing when you relist it again.

As for Superhost, you will keep that status for as long as you still qualify.

Hi SMTucker
I saw snooze…what exactly does that entail?

Would i be removed from the photos of apartments to let until I unsnooze?

Would i retain my present advantages on relisting?

Snooze, I think, just closes your calendar. When you “wake it up”, everything is waiting for you as you left it, including your photos and descriptions.

smartbnb.io knows far more than me about AirBNB, but I really thought that un-list removed all the listing details, while snooze does not.

Thanx for the info smartbnb.io

Specifically, if I snooze will photos of my unit disappear as I wish…until I unsnooze?

Unlist will just hide your listing from view. You have to manually intervene to make the listing public again.

Snooze will unlist, then re-list the listing at a moment you have pre-determined.

Airbnb will in anyway push you to snooze. To unlist, just mention “you don’t have access to the space”, otherwise you are in for a ride.

Thanx smartbnb i’ll snooze!!


I snoozed the apartment, then did a search on Airbnb with a relevant keyword in it.

A photo and link to pics and details of our apartment came up FIRST!

I would have thought this sort of thing on Airbnb would be fully computerised with no delay?

Try the search from an anonymous browser. Your listing is always first on the browser that you use regularly.

It’s true smtucker… tried the same search from Opera browser and our photo certainly not on first set of photos…
However the fact it still comes up first on main browser means it has not been taken down right?
Which suggests only unlisting does that.

Smartbnb io says the reviews remain ready for unlisting…if that’s true OK.

Smartbnb io we have one guest coming in tomorrow, the only one booked, if I unlist now will he still be able to message me through airbnb somehow during his month’s stay?

Agree with the snoozing, I do it frequently.
Admittedly, I use ABB to my own purpose, I don’t need to fill my calendar to any certain percentage for financial obligations.
I do have my listing set up a couple different couple ways…different titles and descriptions to attract certain types of guests or for certain local events (Track Season, the Solo Traveler, the Couple). Snoozing on and off works well for me.
I still get as many bookings as I can realistically handle.

Listings are always delayed. Look anonymously tomorrow.

In such circumstances can you not simply block out your calendar or mark your nightly rate at $1000 for the period you do not want to have guests.

Absolutely. Unlisting/Snoozing will only affect the visibility of your listing. I do that A LOT because I am now only using my listing for testing.

The unlisting should be instantaneous. The listing should not come up in search results, as long as the start date of your “snoozing” time is today, of course.

Not necessarily the most practical, but since you seem very worried about the whole process, this is probably something you can do instead @jindy.

Thanks for all the marvellous help…may be back :slight_smile:

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