Delighting Our Guests

Hi! A friend gave us 4 boxes of novels for our Airbnb. We wrapped each one in brown paper and a funky label that says “Read me if you liked…”

On each label we listed three books similar to that wrapped book

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A great rainy day activity and now we have an adult luckydip for any book-loving guests to arrive to.

Does anyone else have anything else along these lines they love to delight their guests with? We are up for more ideas. Makes great social media fodder!


Hi Retrogrannybnb,

I love your wrapped books idea, it is definitely a good surprise for guests.

We have some great ornaments and decor products that may also keep your guests entertained and happy.


I have a Little Free Library in my main business, And I have a plethora of books - children’s, teen and adult. So we set up a bookshelf at our Airbnb as the LFL “Annex”. It has been well received by all ages. Guests are encouraged to take a book with them. I have had to restock it twice now. It makes me very happy that people are reading so much.


Ta - decor is sorted. I like it not too cluttered.

Gorgeous! I have loved watching the shelves under each bedside table and the revolving list of titles I see in there each time I dust it. They are never any emptier than when I stocked them. People must be doing one in one out. Warms me cockles…haha


I’ve purchased table top games and puzzles, plus an hour glass with magnets inside. The games are those hand-held puzzles where you untangle pieces…more to occupy the mind (and hands). The last guest included it in her review as an example of the extra thought we’ve put into our space.


Board games, chess board + chess pieces, backgammon,etc.
Playing cards.
Plenty of books. (including some foreign language books)
Specialist lifestyle magazines (Out, Essence etc.)
Specialist MCM/shelter magazines. (Dwell, Atomic Ranch etc.)
Local magazines.

If a guest mentions a specific interest in their profile, message or reason for staying, then we tailor the available reading matter towards their interests if we have them available.


As a book lover and sometimes reader I love this idea. I will be curious to see how it works for your guests. I have a few books in my airbnb room that have to do with the area and the West but no one has commented on most of them.

As for delighting the guests I do that by providing a great bed and shower.

@smtucker I wanted you to see this


Yes - let’s see. I’m a sucker for loving and reviewing the heck out of a place where I have felt though of so that influences what we offer. It also gives me something to social media post about and that helps as the facebook/instagram followers are primarily locals who are considering Retro Granny BnB for their friends and rellies when they come to town to visit. I am with you on the bed and shower. They are the cornerstone here too. King-sized bed from a hotel supplier and we watch that shower experience like hawks jumping on any feedback we get because that is where the negative reviews will kill the vibe.

I will post about any book feedback we get. Our current guests are in town to see Cher and prob too pre-occupied to go the book route. Heck- I didn’t even know Cher still performed.

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