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Deleting listings (AirBnB vs VRBO)

I recently sold my vacation home, so deleted the AirBnB listing, but when attempted to delete the VRBO listing I ran into a roadblock. I wrote to their customer service dept, which prompted this response:

“Currently, Listing’s cannot be permanently deleted. The website is working as designed. The only way to turn-down the listing is to Hide Listing to remove your listing from the site.”

I don’t know what surprises me more - this perculiar policy, or the fact that they don’t even have a fluently written stock response for this kind of enquiry!

Sorry this is entirely off topic, but has anyone managed to get a VRBO listing deleted?

Congrats on the sale!!


Wow, that’s Third World levels of illiteracy. Where is VRBO located, anyway?

i presume they outsource their customer service to somewhere where English isn’t widely spoken, but surely this is a pretty routine query that they could save themselves time by saving a generic response to… mysterious. Meanwhile, I just hope the fact that this listing will remain on their servers won’t cause trouble for the new owners of my ex-house when they try to make their own listing :confused:

Curious why you sold the vacation home?

Mainly because I moved too far away to visit, and a change of job made managing the place myself unfeasible, but also because the property market in the area was beginning to slow, so it looked like a good time to cash out and invest elsewhere.

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Congrats on your sale! Enjoy the new adventure that awaits!

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Is that the amazing geodesic dome we had a conversation about some time ago?

Wow, that’s a REALLY inappropriate statement. Poor spelling/grammar is much less offensive that discrimination and superiority comments

Yes, I contacted VRBO one time they said the same thing however I went through troubleshooting first to determine if I could erase the listing without having to call… I was on the phone 2 hours I listed with VRBO and Home Away not knowing they operate as though they’re still 2 different companies…They transferred me to and from Home Away and VRBO reps…

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Yep! Fortunately the new owners are better positioned to keep working to refurbishing it into its 70s glory, and will be putting it back up on AirBnB soon :slight_smile:

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Agh, so frustrating!!!

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