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Delete this topic please


Hi my name is cotonlab , We have more than 15 years of textile production experience in China. We specialize in towels, bath towels, beach towels, hotel towels, sports towels, children’s hooded towels, etc. We have our own brands and also manufacture for many international brands.

630 gsm Extra Absorbent Warm Premium Cotton Bath Towel Luxury

Please text me or send email to info@cotonlab.com.au if you have any question.

Best price guaranteed.


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This is a forum just for hosts. You are a towel seller so this is the wrong forum for you.


Please don’t come here to advertise. Pay google for that, or Facebook, they are struggling financially this week.

I’m in Australia and I don’t but Chinese products for 3 reasons:

  1. China’s atrocious human rights record.
  2. Exploitation of workers in China.
  3. Stuff falls apart.

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