Delays in Payout!

Had guest check in about 48hrs ago and still no payout or payout email.
Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

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Yes! Same problem here :frowning:


Wasn’t it the weekend?

I don’t know. I got paid now, but the booking disappeared from my transaction history for some hours!

You don’t know if the last two days were Saturday and Sunday? Odd.

@AquaticQuests the weekend and public holidays often affect payouts.

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I don’t know if it was because of the weekend… :slight_smile:

Guest checked in Saturday.
As I write this, we are yet to receive payout!

You won’t get the payout at the weekend @AquaticQuests. Banking doesn’t work that way.

Best call Airbnb if you’re unsure about anything.

It’s always worked this way for us.
It’s now Monday 5pm local time here. Guest checked in on Saturday. Still no payout.
I’ve been a host awhile with Saturday check ins before.
This isn’t normal!

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My payments have been delayed as well - they seem to be coming in around the 48-50 hour mark, instead of 24. It started with my guest that checked in on Wednesday, so I don’t think it’s because of the weekend.

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Are you paid directly into your bank account @tinyCar?

And isn’t today some sort of holiday in the US?


Now that I wouldn’t know… but if it is then there’s the answer…

As mentioned earlier weekends and public holidays affect payouts because they’re not banking days.

I think it’s Martin Luther King Day - I googled. :slight_smile:

No, into my PayPal account. I had been receiving payments within 24 hours of check-in. Then last week it started taking much longer. I’m still getting the payment -so far - just later.

And yes, today is Martin Luther King Jr day.

I’ve had no issues with payment into my PayPal so if you’re having issues not related to public holidays or weekends then call Airbnb.

Same happened to us for a current reservation starting last Tuesday (the 10th). Air said it was PayPal. Paypal said it was Air. It evaporated from my monthly stats and it’s still not there. I call every day and finally they sent my info to the payout team (not just the case manager). I was told they’re getting a lot of calls like this. I thought it was because I altered a reservation on the day payout was expected, so I figured Air’s system glitched. Grrrr

Thanks for the heads up. I don’t have my payment for Saturday or my payment for last night. I usually get notice of payout sent the next morning, often quite early, before 6 am. So I’m a bit concerned about Saturday’s payment.

I’ve never noticed the holiday affecting my airbnb notice only when it gets posted at the bank.

Evidently this is not a bank holiday or weekends issue.
For whatever reason, Airbnb payments are being delayed, and Air needs to sort out this issue ASAP.
I have not received payment from Air regarding the weeklong guests is currently have in my listing.

Thankfully the guests coming in after them and staying for 2 weeks are via VRBO so hopefully I won’t experience the delays or nonpayment I’m currently experiencing from Air.

Not good. Needed the money to prep for the next guests!

Same problem here. Just got off the phone with ABB. They are claiming problems with routing to PayPal, but also that payments are setup so to call PayPal. I suspect more goof-ups than just this but the guy assures me all will be ok.

Note: I called in on the special “Superhost” number. Obviously a call center warehouse as there was tons of noise. Also had to try twice as got automatically hung up on the first time. I suspect they are getting a LOT of calls on this issue.