Delayed Payout for a long term guest

I have a guest that booked for 10 months. He checked in on the 8 January and I still have not recieved my payout from Airbnb. I have bills to pay and this is delaying my life. Please give advice cause I contacted them and they are not helping at all please advise on the best way to deal with airbnb.

Have you looked at how long term booking work?
You get paid monthly

That’s a very long booking to take via Airbnb.

There are a number of hosts raising concerns about payments with Airbnb @Anna_Nuuyoma.

All you can do is call them two or three times a day until the first months payment goes into your account. And raise via their social media.


i would cancel now. 10 months is too long.


Welcome to the forum where we tell you what you did wrong before we answer your question. LOL. We really do mean well though.

Debthecat is correct. On a long term booking you may not get your payment for a month depending on when the reservation was made and how new you are. If you can’t figure it out by reading the policy you should call Airbnb for clarification.

edit to add: as far as Airbnb not helping, their hands are tied. Policy is policy and it’s your responsibility to read the terms you agreed to just as you expect the guests to read your listing and rules. As for people not thinking you should use Airbnb for a 10 month stay, that another issue and we have many threads here about that that you can search for and read. Most banks don’t consider Airbnb income but as you have a booking in hand and commenced maybe you could get a loan to ease your cash flow issues.


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