Delayed AirBnB Payments

Has anyone noticed delayed AirBnB payments May now June? Guests Check-In say Sat or Sun, calendar day after AirBnB sends email stating X$ being paid to your Acct next 5-7 days. Used to be deposited next banking day, now 2-3 days just like VRBO… Holding funds with 6 million Hosts = $? for AirBnB… it appears we’re paying for their new Home Page revamp along with the continuing abysmal CS!

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I’m getting my payments in my bank within 3 business days. Today I got 3 payments from Fri-Sat-Sun.

If you do a search of past topics you will see this is a regularly reported issue for years now.

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Been On Board with AirBnb since 8/18, other than 1st six months of 2020 no delayed payments until now… well aware of past topic issue just curious if other Hosts having similar issues! Rumors abound some US Banks having liquidity problems!

I’ve been hosting since 2014 and have only had one payment (out of about 800) that had me wondering a couple of days. Compared to a couple of other online booking companies I used for my dog boarding business (Dogvacay which was bought out by Rover dot com) I always thought Airbnb did a good job of getting my money for me and to me.

Definitely longer than it used to be and they do make a bundle off the extra days. When I pay as a guest it does irk me that I pay upfront and my host won’t see my money for months.

Mine are taking 10 days

That is so unacceptable. Sadly complaining to Airbnb will probably do nothing.

I’ve been using PayPal for all Airbnb payments for about 3 years after being so frustrated with the time it took for my payments to clear my bank. I also use it for my direct bookings.

My Airbnb payment is deposited by 3:00 pm the day after checkin. It is available immediately. I no longer even have to transfer it to my bank because they issue a cash card that is basically a debit card.

Could not be more pleased with the simplicity.


Update Payment is Pending in my Acct 6/8 from a 6/5 Check-In so not available until 6/9… so for those who are math challenged (5) days from Check-In for good funds.
Perhaps this is the new norm vs. 1st banking day after Check-In, we shall see!

I didn’t switch to Paypal but I did switch banks that the deposit went to and had the same experience. One of my banks was and still is for other stuff really slow with direct deposits. After I started sending the payments to my other bank I’ve always gotten payments deposited the next business day.

I think the difference in experiences has to do with a host’s bank and not Airbnb. It is a known issue, delays in direct deposits at different banks. I once thought my employer was not submitting my paychecks on time and they suggested I change the bank that I have them deposited to and it worked, all of a sudden I got my paychecks right on time.

There are even lots of lists online that rank banks and credit unions by how quickly (or not) that they process direct deposits/ACH. And during the pandemic, there were many articles about banks having increased issues with processing ACH and being slower than usual.


4 days, since 6/5 was a Sunday it doesn’t count.

But also you’re looking at the payout list on Airbnb? Those have never been accurate even one time for me. I got a payout on Tue in my bank, that I’ve already transferred to another account, that currently says it’s pending on the Airbnb list. It says that it will be done by June 10 or something crazy but my bank had it available on Tue. I wouldn’t bother checking that list. It’s better to check you bank account. You can even set-up an alert so that the bank sends a text when you get the deposit.

@JJD Absolutely the bank. Taking advantage of the float. They’re making a ton of money off it.

But I do really like PayPal. It keeps all my Airbnb separate from my banking account.

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I have always received payouts pretty promptly to my Canadian bank. The latest one was even faster to appear in my bank account than usual.

What I have noticed, though, is that there is a lag on Airbnb’s end- it will say payment pending for days after it has appeared in my bank account.

Which of course is much better than the other way around.

It also seems like when I read posts about hosts waiting on payments for a long time, it always seems to be thousands of dollars that Airbnb is sitting on (and it’s not on the bank end, because these hosts have checked with their bank).

I recall a post here where a host had been waiting to be paid out for completed bookings dating back months and Airbnb kept giving her the run-around. Finally she contacted the guests and I think 5 out of 6 called Airbnb to ask what happened to the money they paid, as the host hadn’t received it.

Miracle of miracles, all the missing payments were released the next morning. I do think Airbnb hangs on to payouts when they need to make their bottom line look good.

My last payment was very slow for some reason. I did recently change my bank account so it may have something to do with the actual bank you are using.


The last 2 weeks, I’ve been wondering why they’re taking so long to send money to my account. Im thinking of switching to PayPal but need to look further into it.

I get paid into Paypal, i’m used to it cos that’s how I get paid from my photography business too. You can choose to transfer funds immediately to your bank account, and pay a 1% fee, or give them a few days 1-3 typically, and it’s a free transfer.