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Defecation on the floor

Okay so I rent a Yurt in the Sxcottish Highlands on a small holding as ell as a room in my house. The toilet facilities are in the house which is available 24hours a day, a short walk from the Yurt. 2x Italian girls checked into the Yurt 2 days ago and checked out this morning, they left early. I went up to the Yurt ,to sweep/change bedding etc to find some feces left on the floor and toilet paper outside. Can’t see where they might have deposited the main bulk of the poo. I don’t want next guests to step in it. Not angry but very confused and disappointed by the lack of respect. How should I go about reporting this to AirBnB, should I approach the guests? If I ask for extra for cleaning (i don’t charge a cleaning fee), will that mean I can’t review them, because I feel I should leave a review about it.

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It’s possible that there is an explanation for the toilet paper outside… We’ve stayed in places in a few countries (including Italy) where we’ve been told to not put toilet paper down the toilet. Usually this is because the building is in an old part of the city and the system can’t handle it. Is it possible that they made this assumption because (I’m guessing) you have an older property? I’m clutching at straws here… But just trying to think of any other possible explanation. Was there any kind of language barrier? Not sure about the poo inside the yurt though. Was it definitely human?

Omigod, are you KIDDING??! This is so far beyond lack of respect that the mind boggles! Of course, people can have “accidents” but if you do, you clean it up until there’s no trace!

Is there any possibility at all that somehow someone else could have entered the yurt? If not, you should, of course, email Airbnb straight away. I think my more experienced fellow hosts could advise you of the best way to do this. And they merit a scathing review.

Do Airbnb ever cancel a guest’s account? These guests surely merit this.

(Just seen @Geddy3’s post and yes, in Spain also many toilets don’t take paper. But there’s always a sign saying this. And it sounds as if the paper+poo weren’t anywhere near the toilet?


It was 100% human and the toilet paper outside the Yurt not the house. The house has a bin and sanitary bags for the sanitary waste, as yes we are on a septic system. I’m sure there was a good reason, maybe being scared to come to the house in the middle of the night or something, I’m just disapointed the waste was not cleared up properly. I’m just not sure what course of action I should take next if any with AirBnB, i can’t recommend these guests

Have you asked the guests what happened?

I’m so sorry for this! Yikes!!

I get the being scared bit - I never have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night - unless I’m camping!!! But let’s go with that thought - they really had to go - their are off schedule because of traveling - they are petrified of…elves?..in the Scottish highlands. So they do the unthinkable and poop in the yurt. What’s next? In the morning they take a big wad of that TP and pick it up, throwing it into the brush, or, carry it into the toilet, or…SOMETHING.

To leave it for you to clean? Reprehensible. Do call Airbnb. I don’t suppose you took a photo?

Correspondence like this:

Hi B,
When I went to the tent this morning after you checked out, I found some feces on the floor of the tent, there was also soiled paper left around the outside of the tent. Can you give me an explanation why you didn’t use the toilet in the house?

Hi Imogen, we use the “fresh and clean” to refresh us and probably we forgot some of them we are very afraid for this. Thanks for all.

Do you have any idea what they are talking about, because I don’t. (not sure I want to, though)

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Okay - so I think my plan is just to leave a straight forward factual review now I have this reply in which the guests, don’t really seem that bothered by the behaviour.

I’m not “outraged”, its easy to get worked up and only makes you suffer. but I should review honestly. I’m sure they only behaved this way because the accomodation is so cheap. I guess I’ll just tell airBnB in that bit at the end of the review “is there anything you want to tell us?”

I think “Fresh and clean” are “wet wipes”,

“Fair warning - guests left feces on my floor” left in the final hour for all to see. This is info I want to know before hitting “accept”


Does this post belong in the other thread?: "How to prevent men from spraying their…. Piss " Perhaps we need a dedicated forum. Will be interesting to see if this thread gets as many hits as the “Piss” one.

Should we get pissed off at these guests? Absolutely. I shit you not. :wink:


My review:

The guests were staying in the Tent Yurt on our small holding in Scottish Highlands. Its a budget accommodation and they booked for 2 nights. They were very friendly. on arrival After check out I found a small turd on the floor of the tent and some soiled wet wipes littered around the outside of the tent. I did write to the guests to ask why they chose not to use the toilet facilities provided, but didn’t receive an answer to that question, just an apology for leaving the mess. I personally wouldn’t choose to host these guests again.


just review them saying all this - other hosts like me will want to know that the guests dont have basic hygiene training - then they wont use airbnb again and will be one less disgusting couple for us to deal with - thanks for the heads up

Yes, thanks for putting it out there!

I can’t believe how you are still so “friendly” to thsee guests, also on the review. This is the worst behavior I have ever heard of, and I woud have mentioned it in the first sentence of the review as a warning to other hosts.

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I know, I thought about it and tried to put myself in the position of the guest. It was a thoughtless and disrespectful act, but it was only one part of that person. I just thought it was best to state facts. I guess perhaps it should have been the first thing i wrote, but believe me I actually felt brave writing it down at all. I don’t think they were malicious in intent, just disrespectful.


Maybe we are a little bit different… :wink: Look what I wrote for one guest lately (and I think defecation on the floor is worse in comparison to what my guest did):

I would suggest that you post the guest’s details in the private ‘Bad Guests’ thread so that all of us are warned.

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