Declining renter in the future

We are the property owner for a vacation rental house. We use a property manager who advertises our home on its own internet platform as well as others such as this one. On occasion we have renters that we choose to not allow future rentals due to problems with past rental. We do inform our property manager to flag the renter for no future rentals. How and what mechanism is in place on the platform to ensure that the renter is declined in the future?

If you say “would not host again” then your listing is hidden to them when they are browsing logged into the same account they booked with you on.

But a friend, spouse, etc who is traveling with them could book on their account. They could create a new account and book. And then, no one really counts on Airbnb to do anything with complete perfection. And of course they could use a different platform so having a sharp property manager helps.


The would not host again option comes up when you give the guest a review.

But KKC is right - anyone else in the group could. I require all names, addresses, age and selfie of all the guests that stay in the suite. I’m not sure I would remember every guest’s name but the really bad one do stay in my memory.

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Thank you for the info. We always let our property manager know of renters that we do not want to host again so unfortunately we have to rely on him to take care of it.

I wonder who would even want to return to a listing in which they have had a bad experience in the past. Why?

Lots of bad guests have a great time and love the rental. But they violate rules, leave a mess, etc. Are you a new host?


I just report the guest from the messages inbox, then choose they are being offensive.
Even if they are just not fitting my listing for whatever reason I don’t have that option when flagging the guest, so I just choose the abuse and they are blocked from messaging and booking.