Declining guest


If I want to decline a guest (no reviews, no bio, not very much by way of introduction in the booking request) and I choose “not comfortable with guest” in the reason, how does that affect any future potential booking requests, vs. choosing a reason like “listing not a good fit for guest”? Ideally, I would like to decline with the former reason, but not sure how airbnb treats that vs. other reasons.


Have you booked many people? You can certainly decline guests, though they like your numbers to be above 88% acceptance. And to confirm; this is for a booking request, not just an inquiry… right? I’ve declined a few that were bad fits and haven’t taken much of a hit on the chin.

Yes, this is for a booking request, not inquiry.

I don’t book a lot of people, mostly because my calendar isn’t that open, but I think my acceptance rate is about 80% right now.

It would be on the ‘Accepted Reservations’ stat from this page; /

I’m at 89% of 88%.

I’d personally deny a guest I didn’t feel comfortable with rather than book them and take a harder hit with a cancelation or bad review/experience.

I always push for more information before the denial, requesting that they get appropriate verifications in place and let us know about themselves/guests and their planned stay.

No matter, if you aren’t comfortable you aren’t comfortable… decline and call it a day.

You can certainly ask the guest more questions before you decline or accept.