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Dear Would-Be Airbnb Guests: Here's Why Hosts Keep Turning You Down


Relevant article to this forum that actually cites a few posts from here and the /r/Airbnb subreddit. Think you guys may enjoy: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sethporges/2016/01/18/dear-would-be-airbnb-guests-heres-why-hosts-keep-turning-you-down/#2715e4857a0b2af551bd4309


Great article. Should be required reading for first time guests :slight_smile:


Seems fair enough. Although I’ve had good results with empty-profile people who communicate well in their introductory message(s). I have sometimes suggested they improve their profiles and let them know why it helps them that I’m leaving them a good review. Our very first guests had zippo in their profile - all I knew was they were from France - but they were terrific guests, and even left a twenty dollar tip!


About 1/2 of my present inquiries do not have anything in their profile, I believe because they just joined AirBnB (many showing 2016 adjoining) to be able to inquire about the place. I guess is a case by case issue, and yes HOW they communicate will usually give the most revealing information.

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Ha Ha, the quoted my post about needy guests!


I really liked this article! I felt more empowered to turn down a few guests after reading it who were doing some of the stuff listed in this article, and Air seems to have dinged my search ranking as a result of turning too many people down.


Yes why!!! You have asked for a discount for the only free days I have in high season in March. BTW I checked and WE are the cheapest entire place for those dates and you only have 13 options all higher then me. You have already pissed me off that what I did is raise the freakin prices for the last days on my calendar. Why the heck does someone think this is NOt insulting to me. I have had back to backs and I AM looking forward to it.

Sorry for the caps but this inquiry really pissed me off.


I always have to turn down the empty profile people. Sometimes if they have enough verifications, and messaging with them creates some level of comfort I can pre-approve or accept them. But sometimes they’ll have nothing- an odd profile picture, even if it is their face, and be demanding as the article mentions, of dates, and I have to decline. I would think it was obvious. It is a mobile booking site. But they are still sending their inquiries to people.

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