Dear, esteemed site owners

Is there ANY way you can monetize meeting the inquiries of these folks who want the site contrubutors to do their market research and develop their business plans for them (other than the traffic uptick you get)?! Maybe they could hire some of us as paid mentors and you would get a cut? Just thinking out loud here. There’s a Homeadvisor ad (they collect ratings and refer you to home improvement and repair companies) here in US where a guy asks his neighbor if he knows any good roofers, the neighbor says he knows a few, and the guy says great, get me three bids and references by the end of the week. Final shot of neighbor with jaw dropping. Oddly for some reason This forum came to mind when I saw the ad. Hmmm.

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To be honest I have read your post several times and have to say I don’t actually understand what you are asking here?

If you want to act as a ‘paid mentor’ - there is already an established market of people who have set themselves up as ‘experts’ to advise on market research/setting up listings.

The people who come here are unlikely to want to pay for advice and if they did how would those who set themselves up as ‘experts’ be vetted.

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why so serious? :rofl:

It was a bit tongue in cheek which doesn’t convey well in a posting I know – I’m just kvetching about the extensive requests for gratis assistance some newer folks are making about maximizing Airbnb income, investing in properties, etc. Although I bet the site owners could actually put together some sort of online course to sell.


I don’t think the site owners main purpose in having this site is to make money, but rather to provide a free resource where hosts help each other with advice and support around hosting issues.

You’ll always get the occasional person who is new to Airbnb coming along and asking for help on setting up their listing.

Developing, maintaining and marketing an online course is quite a major undertaking. Could/should/would want to aren’t necessarily the same thing :slight_smile:

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I think Tom (the owner of this site) is interested in getting enough traffic and visibility that the ads generate revenue (and maybe he can eventually sell the site.)