Dealing with Guest that's also a Host?

I just stayed with a host a found myself thinking, gee they need a comfortable reading chair and desk or table surface, maybe a robe hook in the bathroom, etc. I had a delightful time so spared them my advice. Their room pictures, after all, were accurate and showed none of these things so they were accurate. If she had asked for suggestions I would have shared them verbally.

I think it’s not a bad idea to mention these suggestions in a private message to the host. I certainly wouldn’t take offense if a guest did that, regardless of whether they were a host or not.

The host can either take it onboard, or ignore it.

That’s quite different than offering unsolicited advice during your stay. Not only can that be annoying, it might make the host fear that you’ll leave a less than favorable review.

Agreed, I’d only mention recommendations in the ‘private feedback’.

Anyway just to update the thread.

The guest is currently staying at my airbnb

On arrival, they stated that the place is ‘stunning and that the pictures do not do it justice’

So, assuming they are being honest, perhaps i did impress the host ‘that’s seen it all’ lool

One thing i did do was repaint/touch up all of the wall areas with scuff marks. I probably wouldn’t have done this for a regular guest if I’m honest.

Does that count as ‘special treatment?’

Questions I got on leaving review:
how was the wifi
how was the neighbourhood
was the description accurate
is the listing address correct
how well-equipped was the space
what amenities were there - extra pillows, a/c, heating, tv, wm, dryer
did you have the necessary essentials - bedding, bath towels, toilet paper, shampoo, body soap, hand soap, hot water
how was your host - quick to respond, helpful, useful manual, thoughtful touches, welcome gift, helped store bags, flexible checkout, local recommendations,

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Oh, so now something called “body soap” is an essential, as distinguished from hand soap? What a load of BS. Soap is soap. I use the same soap in the shower as next to the sink. For myself and my guests. It’s just soap. The point is to get clean, not buy more products, just because it has a different label.

I can’t believe so many people fall for these marketing gimmicks.


Thanks very much. Good to know.

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I agree with you, I use hair shampoo soap, One Bar To Rule Over All. :slight_smile: it’s so freeing to have no junky bottles in the shower!

But in this case it means hand soap by the basin, and shower soap/gel in the actual shower.

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Oh good, I’m not the only one who can’t stand a ton of bottles of stuff around.

And of course there’s a soap dispenser in the shower and another by the sink.