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Deadbolt and Door Knob Locks: Digital vs. Regular


Hi, all. I am interested renting out rooms in my house and researching exterior and interior door locks. I am researching digital vs. regular locks for BOTH the deadbolt and door knob. For exterior doors, the issue is I am finding digital locks where the deadbolt and door knob have separate locking systems, which most digital systems are for deadbolts. I am trying to outline an easy system for guests, keeping in mind my safety.

  1. For exterior doors, does anyone who rents out a room in their house use a digital deadbolt only? I am concerned that the door knob would not have a lock since I live in the home. If so, what brand would you recommend?

  2. Are there any digital deadbolt and door knob systems that are integrated to unlock with one pass-code (without having to buy two separate digital systems). If so, what brand would you recommend?

  3. For interior room doors, do you use digital locks? If so, what brand would you recommend?

Your feedback is appreciated, including a different approach. Thanks.

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