DC court order but not my name

I got a court order but it is some else’s name? Does anyone know a Kwame Fosu in DC. I received the emails below with a court document regarding an Airbnb court case with your name. The court is asking for my account information? Can you email or call me at 601-460-4615 if this is you, or contact Airbnb? I will make further inquiries in the hosting forum. Thank you Kweku Louis Gyaminah

Post to reddit forum - I have found friends on reddit! I will repost as well- good luck. You should not have a problem if it is not your name.

The Airbnb contact phone numbers on in this forum, you can call them as well.

Would you just mail the documents back to the court telling them of the error?

Good Luck!

Works for the Rebecca Project in DC. Here is what I found before I hit a paywall

Abortion Advocates Intimidate Witnesses and Cover Up Contraception Scandal
WASHINGTON, DC, December 6 (C-FAM) A human rights defender is accusing abortion activists of intimidating witnesses to cover up lethal side effects and unethical medical trials of a long-lasting contraceptive injected in women in Africa.
Just before a scheduled hearing this week in the U.S. Congress that could lead to policy change in U.S. international family planning programs, Rebecca Project executive director Imani Walker, succumbeing to pressure from Planned Parenthood, seized the computer from one of the key witnesses, Rebecca Project policy director Kwame Fosu, and sent emails to congressional staffers announcing he had been terminated, Fosu told the Friday Fax in an exclusive interview.

Sounds like an ugly court case to be sure.

Kwane Fosu Kwame@rebeccaprojectjustice.org / 2024060911

Contact: Boardchair@rebeccaprojectjustice.org
Or send us an email by using the form below

Thank you!! Will reach out it could be the person - love this forum and Airbnb!

Thank you I spoke to Kwame Fosu great tenant advocate. I also just spoke to attorney from Airbnb Gene and sent him all the information Fosu sent me, I will keep you all in this forum updated. Fosu said after reading his motion to dismiss the case against him in court, airbnb will realize this is an abuse of process and landlords cannot file subpoenas for Airbnb accounts that do not have a tenant’s name.

Thank you again Susan!

A simple google search for an unusual name… took me just moment to find, minutes to read.