Dates Available? Inquiries

How do you respond to the random “Dates Available” inquiries? I get them from time to time and the inquirers joined date is the current year. My calendar is easy to see and it seems that any person who is capable of joining should also be capable of viewing the calendar. I have responded to a few and none have turned in to rentals.

I think there are several types of guests here - those who don’t yet understand how to navigate Airbnb but master it eventually, those whose are forever clueless, and some who are just plain lazy. I respond and have gotten about 50% as rentals when I pre-approve. I probably take more risks with newbies since mine is a homeshare and they can’t do much without me knowing about it.


That’s because they recently signed up in the guides for signing for the first time Airbnb says, “you can contact your host, for instance, to confirm that the dates are available”. It’s in the instructions so I think it’s probably the better readers and rule followers that do it (even they don’t present it as a rule, just a suggestion). I’ll look for the page for you so you can see.

Okay, so if you go through the “getting started” process of signing up as a guest, this one thing that you get linked to, I think it comes from “finding the best listing for you”, so I think some people take it as advice.


Thanks. I think this explains many inquiries that I have received.


I’ve gotten quite a few too. There was one very young guest (18) who did it and was very friendly and excited about signing up, asked for advice. I helped her get her ID verified and she also asked me about what I thought she should put in her profile, etc. So I felt comfortable asking her why she inquired about the dates, wanting to make sure she understood the calendar. She said, “oh it was recommended” and that’s what tipped me off.

I think it’s a good sign, maybe conscientiousness or something.


I raise the rates and then let them know the dates are available. An inquiry is a good sign that your listing is the top choice for the dates. So I raise the rates. I might not get the booking from the person who inquired but usually get one within a week from another person.

I’m thankful for these inquiries… it helps me maximize my revenue.


Yes! This is a good strategy! Some may see it as a bad one, but this is a business. When a hotels supply dries up the remaining rooms are sold at a premium, or when they know there is an even they sell higher too, why not you?

I’d say that the majority of the dates-available inquiries convert.

“Hi [name] - Sorry but those dates are/aren’t available. Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the apartment and the area.”

About thirty seconds to type.

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Just learned that Airbnb will send you guest requests for date changes for existing bookings that include your blocked dates. I nicely explained to the guest that, as noted in the description, there is a 48 hour vacancy between guests for air filtering and sanitation, which is why the dates are blocked on the calendar.

Now I’ve gotten a question from an another inquirer whether the listing is just the bedroom or the entire place. I quoted my description about it being a 315 sq ft bed/bath suite and replied it is just one big room with attached bath. Next question “Is there a separate living room?” I suggested they look at the listing photos to understand the layout.

Then I decided I’d had it, and blocked their inquiry dates. Am I being too crabby? I just don’t want to spend time dealing with a clueless potential guest today. If they had multiple good reviews maybe. But there is just one referring to a different booking guest name.

Thanks for the vent session.

I understand your desire to block this guest. I find it sometimes depends on my mood. If it’s been a rough week I can’t take one more clueless guest. If it’s a good day I’ll answer a few questions and sometimes take the booking.