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Data on Airbnb listings and reviews

Inside Airbnb provides independent data on Airbnb listings and reviews. I used a data visualization tool I created to explore some interesting finds in the data.

  • Reviews are crazily skewed towards 9-10.
  • Almost all Airbnb listings have a full, real bed.
  • Most Airbnb listings have one bedroom and one bathroom.

Check out Airdna.co for some interesting insights!

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I’m bumping this old post as this website Inside Airbnb http://insideairbnb.com/index.html has some interesting stats. You can search quite locally and see exactly who your competition is, how many hosts have multiple listings, average $, occupancy, etc. Like to hear what all of you think about your areas. In my immediate area of City Island there are 9 listings all hosts have 1 listing. Areas of Brooklyn (not near me) are very dense with hosts.
btw, I know that this website has an ax to grind against Air but it is interesting nonetheless.

How did you find out your info for your area? That site doesn’t have my area, even though I’m near a larger city.

I selected NYC then the Bronx then city island it’s a drop down menu but works best on a pc or laptop

Oh ok. So then it wouldn’t work for me anyway as the nearest city is like 5 hours away :slight_smile:

I guess they don’t cover all areas, I think airdna dies tho

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